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Steltronic vs 12 Strike vs Qubica/amf


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  • Steltronic vs 12 Strike vs Qubica/amf

    Looking into new scoring system. Does anyone have any opinions on Steltronic 0r 12 Strike. we currently have AMF Accuscore so it is very old. we also have 82-30 machines not sure if that would matter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Nothing wrong with twelve strike IMO - have it at a 10 lane center I service on the side. This is a little older version (DOS) but his new stuff is running windows now I believe. And the bowlers really like the instant replay feature it has. My center (56 lanes) is running an older version of Qubica and we are upgrading to QScore in a few weeks. Nothing wrong with Qubica either. I think they are both easy to work with so I guess it comes down to the price. No comment on Steltronic system, have never seen it in person or action myself.

    One of our other centers is also changing out from Accuscore to QScore in a few weeks (dont know his install date yet) so if we get to keep the stuff, we will have 32 lanes of parts available - 7500 red box chassis in back.

    Marty - Pro Bowl West
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      You may want to look into Touch Desk and Touch Score from AK Microsystems. Many features and is very cost effective.
      They have a system that will run your current scoring and is upgradable1 lane pair at a time.


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        Looking around a few years ago to upgrade our scoring system, we decided to go with Steltronic. Unlike Qubica and Brunswick where you have to subscribe and pay for tech support on a yearly basis, Steltronic you pay once when you buy their system (or re-register with them if you buy a second hand system) for lifetime tech support and updates. Steltronic scoring program works off of windows operating system, and is user friendly. If you have Steltronic wins and would like to upgrade to their current Vision software, most equipment is re-usable, except for the lane computer. We have been very satisfied with our Stelronic system and tech support. I do not know 12 strike system, so I cannot comment on it.


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          Thanks for the opinions they have helped. found a couple places to go look the systems relatively close so we can see them work in action. it is kind of tough to get a real good feel at Expo it all looks so cool there. So thanks again!!!


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