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AccuVision 42" Flat Screen Monitors


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  • AccuVision 42" Flat Screen Monitors

    I have a bad monitor. It does not turn on or have a blue light. There is power to the tv. It is model ET42U11F, Manufactured 2013. 03, and is a 42" Class LED FHDTV (283-200-542). Is there any way to repair it? How can I tell what Generation it is? Any additional information, I may need to know about them will be helpful.

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    It's most likely the power supply.


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      What he said. The power supply board.
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        Specifically it could be a blown fuse on the power supply or an electrolytic capacitor/s that have failed. If you aren't electrically savvy I wouldn't recommend attempting to repair either. No offense, I just don't want anybody reading to this think it's something that can be attempted by anyone.
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          Ok now I just had to use my last spare. Most likely the same issue. It does not turn on and it does not have a led on. Where can I get a power supply for one of these. If that is what it is I'll order a second one and get them both up.


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            Cant you just replace it with a generic 42" LED TV?


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              Totally could...would it not be worth the time to fix or something? If I can just swap a board out instead of buying a new tv, unless it wouldn't be cost effective. I even read that I might just need to replace some capacitors on the board. If I can get a replacement board, I can swap it out. It the old board needs capacitors then I can order those and attempt to replace to fix the 2nd tv and so on. I have 50 other tvs just like it and if I can save the dough then I will at least try.


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                Probably the capacitors in the power supply circuit. We have had to do this to almost all of our monitors (different model). Looks for the capacitors that are "puffy" or leaking. Very easy to replace, and usually very cheap. check out for replacements


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                  Were they the same type of TVs? Which capacitors are they?


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                    Originally posted by Jonewyn2 View Post
                    Were they the same type of TVs? Which capacitors are they?
                    Ours were a different brand (Olivia). We also have an FEC attached to us and we do all that maintenance on the arcade games and various electronics in the building. Most issues with our LCD (Olivia, Sharp, Sony, NEC) units have been in the the power supply's.

                    If you are able to remove the back cover and take a photo i could point you in the right direction.

                    It may look something similar to these photos
                    lcd.jpg lcd2.jpg


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                      Those sound like the same overheads we have. While this case does sound like power supply board, we have a few where the power LED doesn't come on, yet the thing works. (I also have a 23" Samsumg HD TV/Monitor here at home; when I was first given the thing to see if I could do anything with it, there was no display but the power light was flashing. Sure enough, bulging caps.) On the flip side, where the power LED comes on and the screen doesn't... backlight strips.

                      I have successfully pulled the thing apart, found the bad strip and replaced it, although it's time-consuming and rather a bit of a pain. I'm also documenting the procedure for future use.

                      As for what version the monitor is, I don't remember if it says anything about that inside the unit; the ones we have have been listed as Gen5 on the boxes we were getting from Qubica. I was also told by an FM out in Arizona that some of his monitor power boards didn't have markings on the caps, but his were Gen2. (shrug)


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