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Qubica no lane on front desk


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  • Qubica no lane on front desk

    Had a lane just shut down and the lane disappeared on the front desk monitor. If we transfer the data to another pair that lane disappears and the other pair reappears. If we cut the power to the VDB or even reset and erase memory, it will reappear and say booting. When it is done booting it disappears again and still has the games on it. We seem to think there is dirty data in the VDB or something in conquor program itself??

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    I have not seen this problem. The next step I would take is reboot the pair and write down the VDB serial number while it's booting. Then change that VDB serial number to pair 48. Then select that pair and use the Replace VDB function. If that doesn't work you can swap the VDB with one from another pair and repeat the process with one of them at a time.


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      Ok thank u!! We unplugged the VDB from daisy chain, hit the stop button, put new names in and bowled a game. Then repeated the process and plugged it back in and it got rid of the bad data. Strange to me, never had to do this.


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