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Q Bowland video ?


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  • Q Bowland video ?

    Don't know about this. I am not sure if our system is geared for video on the monitors or not. Is there a way to link up a tv card on the front desk puter to show video on the scorer monitors? Has anyone tried this? We have Qubica Bowland.

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    Re: Q Bowland video ?

    We did a lot of testing exact for videosignal to the monitors.
    We have 3 monitors for each par of lanes, for advetising.
    We use the 75 ohm's cabel direct from a tv card from a computer using Power Point.
    No problem with the function, but we got a bad picture, especial on the last par of monitors in the row, and only still pictures !!
    Because of the long way from each monitor to the next, 14 lanes only, but bad picture anyway.
    Our Qubica system is geared to these function.
    We test for video at the monitors, but a lot of flickers, and bad color/wrong colors.
    Maybe we shift the Qubica monitors out with flat screen monitors.
    I think we ad a line amp.and mounting new cables direct to each monitors from the amp.

    Best regards


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      Re: Q Bowland video ?

      Qubica has something new coming out which will address this shotcorming.


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        Re: Q Bowland video ?

        There's an interface that needs to be put in for video to the overheads... our system is capable, but the owner didn't opt for the interface box. The system we saw with a regular TV show up on one monitor and scores on the other looked as good as any normal TV.
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          Re: Q Bowland video ?

          Thats the answer I was looking for, G. Thanks a bunch [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]


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