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  • phantom no cycle

    on 7 and 8 i have a no cycle periodically.
    just a few minutes ago lane 8 didn't cycle.
    normally you can cycle it from the desk.
    i have converted jetbacks and the qubica
    was installed in march. this has been a gradual
    thing. started showing up about a couple of weeks ago.
    it will go for days at a time and cycle when it's
    supposed to. somedays it will fail to cycle 5 or
    6 times and suddenly clear up. as for lane 8 i could
    not cycle it from the desk. i went back and couldn't
    cycle it from the pinsetter. closed the relay on my tdm
    and it naturally cycled. turned off the setter and just
    visibly checked the wiring for loose connections but
    didn't see any. turned the setter back on and everything
    works again. i might be getting an open cicuit somewhere. the pair scores but i get the no cycle now and then. any hoo
    we had a cycle but no score on 9 and 10 a while ago and turned
    out to be some pinched wiring going to the camera. i think
    i am going to look there first. a question i have is can the
    quibica system actually block out my machine reset button?
    any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: phantom no cycle

    Qubica is supposed to have its trigger circuit installed in parallel with the bowlers reset button. Ours are hooked in just below the cannon receptacles.
    Are your cameras and reflectors tight on the capping? If one ball sensor is misaligned, the lane won't cycle from the front desk. Is your gutter depth correct? We got Qubica scoring in May, 2001 and after getting Qubica bumpers and gutters on 8 lanes in July 2001, one lane stopped seeing gutter balls part of the time because the gutters were too low.
    I replaced the top covers on our six boxes with clear plastic so I can see the LEDs any time I want.
    I think you'll find this is a pinsetter problem, not a scoring problem.


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      Re: phantom no cycle

      i am pretty sure it has to be a machine problem.
      going to do some circuit hunting. scoring shouldn't
      block out my reset button on pinsetter since they are
      a parallel circuit.


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        Re: phantom no cycle

        this showed up on lane 6 the next day. since the
        jumper clips were used to hook up the scoring on my
        5 prong cannons,i looked at those and behold broken wiring.
        imagine that! i stated earlier i was intending to get rid of the jumpers. well looks like another project got boosted
        up the ole priority list!


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          Re: phantom no cycle

          Good morning A2nut,

          I would check the sensors and reflectors on the camera...
          It is pretty amazing that one sensor out of adjustment can prevent cycling from the desk, but that is the truth...

          If cameras, sensors and capping are all nice, tight and aligned on the lane, I would try swapping out the sensors with another working pair... Cheapest and easiest first.

          Problem may move, or even just go away...
          Machines are better than people... I can fix a machine...


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            Re: phantom no cycle

            hey Hman!
            well got done with it last night.
            when the system was installed they
            used jumper clips to hook up to my
            5 prong cannon plugs. this was the culprit.
            took jumpers off and soldered wires directly
            to the plug. life is good again. always appreciate
            help in the scoring end since i am not an expert
            in this system. it will take time. thanks Hman for
            your suggestions.


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