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  • 3QT Freezes

    Hi guys

    My new centre has Qubica and 3QT's. Been going through the various spares to check if they work or not and have come across a problem 3QT. I'm told that when booted up, it freezes up and nothing happens. Is there anything I can do to it or do I need to send it to Qubica for repair?



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    When this spare was tested was the replace lane control box procedure followed? What was on the screen when it froze and how long was it left on that screen before it was determined it was frozen? These can take quite some time to boot up, five minutes or so on ours and while its booting there are some parts where it appears to be frozen because there is no visual indication that it is doing anything........a progress bar or something would be nice


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      Try it yourself and see what error codes you get. Then try it on another lane pair to see if you get the same error. If it's bad on two different lane pairs you can post what you find here but you will probably have to send it for repair. It's too expensive to send it out unless you are sure it's bad.


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        Have you tried to re-upload the programs to this 3QT? If you have, try it once with the "erase memory" flag enabled as well.
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          Sorry for the delay in replying guys, had the weekend from hell! All our servers became infected with a virus meaning we had to run the entire weekend in standalone as well as losing our phonelines as well. Props to Rory at Qubica in the UK. After spending all day Friday and Saturday morning trying to sort it over the Firewall, he came and manually reinstalled the whole shabang on one of our PC's top get us up and running.

          Have got virtually everything back running now apart from two 3QT boxes that keep having this problem. They start booting up with a blue screen and the following commands run;
          Test Q-All ... Okay
          Test TV ... Okay
          L-Com ... Okay

          It then freezes and does nothing else. After 2 or 3 reboots it may start working but normally I have to keep swapping them around with a spare and they start working on another lane for a while until they need rebooting again. Argh!

          Also, I now have another pair that has a Boot 199 error. It says on the Boot screen "LCD-L ... Error". It was fine until I did and Upload to Lanes to change a few minor settings. This pair has a touchscreen for the pairs keyboard as well if that helps.

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            Talk to AMF tech support and am sure they will say replace it. I have had the same problem before and a fresh 3QT from Qubica solved the problem. I also have the touch screens. I highly recommend getting the extended warrarnty, even if it is already expired they have a grace period so you can still get it. A 3QT is over $3000.


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              Look at the LED's on the side of the 3QT. The bottom LED of V2 will you a code. This usually happens when the 3QT fails. The codes will usually tell QAMF what is going on inside the box. If you get 4 flashes and a pause, the power supply in the unit is usually to blame. I have not changed a power supply yet as mine are still under warranty. Get with QAMF and see what they can do for you if you have this issue. I do not know what any of the other codes mean yet...I hope QAMF will let us in on the codes...but I don't believe they will as it is no doubt proprietary information.
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                The tech support people are very helpful at Qubica, I always ask for Pat Green.


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                  Well my Boot 199 error turned out to be my fault! I copied ALL the settings from a different working pair and forgot to keep the touchscreen selected instead of a keyboard! No wonder it wouldn't work! Silly me.

                  The original problem could only be resolved by sending the 3QT's to Qubica. They are back and working now, but I have no idea what was wrong


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                    Pat Green is super. Always helpful.
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                    480-620-6758 for help or information


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