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Error Code during boot...


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  • Error Code during boot...

    Getting a Boot 200 error on a pair of lanes... Anyone know what this code means and where to start?


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    Do you have 3QT's. If so you can download the installation manual from amf/qubica. In the manual there is a full list off all error codes. otherwise here is a pic from my book on all "200" codes.IMG_20120126_113008.jpg

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      What scoring system computers do you have VDB,RDB, or 3QT?

      VDB error codes
      RDB error codes
      3QT error codes i believe they are the mostly the same as vdb and rdb

      Error 200 means there is no communication with the computer for the pair and the camera board.

      check your Lcom wire connections at board and other end.

      you can determine if its the board by swapping it with another pair to see if it works


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        What did you find wrong?
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          You have a bad camera brd , we just replaced a camera brd cost 700.00 with 200.00 core charge , i repaired the old one and kept it for backup . if you can check the electrolytic , a local tv shop should be able to do this .


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