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scoring like 10th frame


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  • scoring like 10th frame

    lane 12 is sporadically sweeping pins like it is in the 10th frame. not all the time. changed camera board and f box. doesn't happen on lane 11. could it be the vdb? any ideas? thanks in advance for advice

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    There's nothing else that is causing it to cycle?....such as a ball detector, cushion start switch, shorted reset button, etc..

    So randomly, in the middle of the game, the machine cycles for no apparent reason and sweeps off the spare? Is it actually cycling or is it that the machine was on 2nd ball when it should have been on 1st ball? It's possible it may not be the scoring and something with the machine may be going on.

    Well I supposed if you suspect it's the VDB you could try a reboot/clear memory, or upload the programs, or swap it to another pair and see what happens.


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      just in the middle it sweeps pins away like 10th frame would do. ball detect all good as we checked that today when we changed camera board. it cycles like 10th after 1st ball is thrown, just sweeps the pins instead of feeling for pins.

      thanks table jam


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        just a note amf 8270 pinsetters. after 1st ball thrown sweep runs and sweeps pins away scoring works properly though


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          Ok so what I'm understanding from your description is it only cycles the one time, and instead of feeling or repotting the pins it just sweeps them off and sets a new rack. Based on that I don't think this is a scoring issue but more of a machine one and it seems like one of two things is happening....

          1. The machine, for whatever reason, is getting a foul signal when they throw the first ball. This may be because they are crossing the foul line or the foul light is not working properly (and if connected correctly a foul score should show up on the scoring), this would explain the sweeping pins off, but, the machine should then be on 2nd ball after

          2. The machine is on 2nd ball when it should be on 1st ball, yet the bowlers don't notice so they throw their first ball, only to have everything be swept off because the machine is on second ball (and if this is the case, Qubica should see the machine on 2nd ball and ignore the pinfall), so now you have no score, a full set of pins, and the machine on 1st ball

          Any of this sound familiar?

          It would greatly narrow it down if you had someone reliable watch this machine from the front while someone bowled on it, noting the scoring, ball lights, and what the machine does. Then we would know exactly what is going on.


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            foul lights are not activated so that is out. the machine IS ON first ball. we have been watching this for a month now. does it for 4 maybe 5 frames then stops.


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              Ok so no foul, that is out.

              Alright, so 1st ball, they throw the ball, sweep comes down, instead of table running to check for pins sweep runs and clears deck then table spots pins THEN it stays on 1st ball or does it switch then to 2nd ball? Also, I assume you have Omega Tek boards in the chassis, do you also have expander boards?


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                they indeed are omega tek chassis. the scoring goes to second ball pinsetter is on first ball



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                  This sounds like the machine is not always switching ball cycles. Have you done anything to the machine like swap the chassis or board?

                  This is going to sound strange but (safely) watching it cycle from the front, paying attention to the TA1 and TA2 cam levers, as the table comes back up to home what do you see them do....does it look like they both press in the switch at the same time or do you CLEARLY see TA2 (middle cam switch) get pressed in BEFORE TA1?


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                    that will be a tough tell right there as we would need to be at the front of the machine at the time it happens. willing to check anything now. thanks table jam


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                      Well, what you could do is put the lane out of service, rig it for a continuous cycle, then watch it from the front (watching what TA1/TA2 do as I described), if it is happening this often it should happen right in front of you. Also when you do this you can power down the scoring for this pair just to eliminate that as a cause, if the scoring is off, then it cannot affect the machine (unless there is some crazy failure of the FBOX).

                      You should also be watching what the ball lights do as well.


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                        changed vdb and fbox with lane one and still getting the "2nd ball" reset!! wtf!! any more ideas? thanks


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                          Are there any sticky/questionable sweep and table cam switches, wiring or stretched springs?

                          Unless there is something goofy going in with Qubica I think the scoring is ruled out. This seems like a machine/cam problem.


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                            What kind of customer end ball returns do you have? I just had to replace the "cycle" buttons on lanes 21 and 22 where 22 would randomly sweep pins after the first ball. Turned out to be a break in the old "ribbon" style buttons for my options. Since then its been behaving.
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                              I just recently had this problem, i switched all componets and chasis with different lanes, it came back in two days, aswell this was happening as a foul cycle with our foul lights off. I disconnected the foul connections on 7 and 8 and the problem went away, now when i have a slow day I can chase down the bad wire.
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