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    does anyone have a way to trouble shoot this intercom system it seems that if one of them at the fly score tables quit working that they all do not work i called qubica support they tell me it is one of the score table units are not working or bad or pinched wire well i have a 36 lane center i took every one of those fly score tables apart and looked for pinched wires and i found nothing since all 18 score tables are tied together how do i find out witch one is causing this issue does anyone have any ideas? how to trouble soot this problem thanks

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    I don't have this so I don't know how it is wired. Is each lane pair daisy chained to the next? If so you will have to break the chain in a few places and test. For instance, open the pedestal at lanes 15-16 and unhook the wires from 13-14 from the wires to 17-18, then test. If this makes 1-14 work, reassemble 15-16 and repeat the test with 25-26 to cut the suspect lanes in half again. If it makes 17-36 work move in the other direction.
    If they are not daisy chained, there should be a distribution box somewhere with wires from each lane pair going to it.


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      What mr.badwrench said, make a cable that bypasses the next pedestal. One by one you will find the bad one.


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