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swapping vdbs


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  • swapping vdbs

    never swapped one with another pair, I know I need to power down both pairs, then unplug all wiring then replug wiring. Is there anything else????????? thanks
    They are 98's

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    You will need to readdress them so your lane numbers are correct also.

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      When addressing VDBs, after putting serial number, you would put like 1L or 1R for lanes 1 & 2, 2L, 2R for lanes 3 & 4, etc.


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        To swap VDBs:
        Swap them to the lanes where you need them but only plug in the power to one of them.
        When it boots, write down the VDB serial number.
        The following works on Conqueror version 1.76.XX, your version may be different.
        At the front desk, go to Setup > Technical Setup > Address VDB.
        Change address for the serial number you wrote down to pair 48. It should reboot and show pair 48.
        Now go to Setup > Technical Setup > Replace VDB. It will find the VDB addressed at pair 48 and ask what pair to install it on. Tell it pair 1 for lanes 1 and 2, pair 2 for lanes 3 and 4, pair 8 for lanes 15 and 16, etc. The L and R you see on the screens when it boots tell you if you have the monitors connected properly.
        Take a coffee break while the Replace VDB process is going. It should take a while and reboot the VDB a few times.
        When that is done, plug in the other VDB and repeat the process except use the address of the lane pair it is installed in.


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