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Constant trigger A-2's


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  • Constant trigger A-2's

    Hello all!

    I have qubica scoring with bowland x, conqueror, and Brunswick A-2's. My problem is that when lanes are turned on whether with scoring or just mechanics switch, they will have thier cycle solenoid plunger engaged in the up position. The machines will just constantly cycle. The problem will always happen, but it is intermittent. When the lanes are turned on it may take a couple balls or minutes and then one lane will constant cycle, then the other at the same time on that pair (27/28). My machines have the rake switches bypassed after qubica was installed.

    What i have done so far to try and figure out the problem (i had spares of all these components)

    Changed VDB
    Changed six box
    Swapped t vision board with another lane
    Disconnected reset button from up front

    One thing i did to try and see if it would work, was to disconnect power from the vdb and see if the lanes will stop triggering (still turned on by mechanics switch) and they did. As soon as i removed power from the vdb the lanes stopped constant cycle. Even more cooky is when you turn off scoring by conqueror for the pair, and go in back and turn them on via mechanics switch they will engage the cycle solenoid as soon as power is applied.

    All of this data, to my knowledge points to the scoring some how... lol Please advise


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    As your saying the rake switch bypassed. Is the clip on the rake drop to actuate the time delay moved over?


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      I would start with the LComm wire - the one from the six box to the connection at or under the camera first. Just replace the wire with a new one.
      Another thing to look at is when this is happening, is the "cycle" l.e.d. lite on the six box.

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        The wires for that switch have been removed.

        I will check the led ty


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          When the machine in constant cycling yes the led is on. When it stops the led goes out. They continious cycle randomly. For example i was throwing a couple balls and they would cycle fine. Then all of a sudden the odd lane started and then the even lane. They are cycling right now by themselves as i type this. Led on


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            The cycle LED on indicates that the problem is in the scoring. If you let the pinsetters run too long this way you will fry the cycle solenoids. I have or had a similar problem with 27/28 here but it would show up once or twice a year on one lane of the pair only when the lane was issued to bowlers and would stop as soon as the lane was closed at the front desk. I swapped the VDB with 5-6, the keypads and bowlers terminal board with 31-32, the camera board with 29-30, the Six box board with 25-26 in May of 2010 and posted a note beside my computer showing which part went to which lane pair. If the problem shows up again on 27-28 I will know I need to replace a section of LCOM cable. If it shows up on one of those other pairs I will know which part to suspect. If it never shows up again, it was either a connection that I improved when swapping parts or gremlins.

            Only slightly off topic if you have full house leagues and worry that this could happen during a league: I mounted double pole double throw toggle switches with no off position in the top of each electrical box so I can switch from Qubica triggering to using the rake drop switch instantly. Any time this happened I flipped the switch and let the bowlers continue bowling.


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              I changed the cable from the tvision to the six box to no avail lol.


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                Just for kicks...when this happens...are the ball detect LED's still working? If you pass your hand through them, the LED's should go on then off.
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                  Originally posted by Steve Stafford (JBEES) View Post
                  Just for kicks...when this happens...are the ball detect LED's still working? If you pass your hand through them, the LED's should go on then off.
                  Ok so i just got back to work and i tried what you were asking. Once the constant trigger starts i ran over to the pinsetter area and verified the cycle led is stuck on, and it was. I then went to the tvision and moved my hands across the sensors. The led came on when my hand was in the way, and went back off when it no longer obstructed it. I did this for both sensors. Funny thing is i tried this twice and both times the machine stopped auto cycling....


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                    I swapped keypads with another lane. When i did this i found the black wire for the 4 wire connection was very loose. I still swapped the keypads and nothing has changed except for one thing. While i started to test the lane out both pinsetters would cycle on/off very fast and at the exact same time. It didn't flicker it just turned of off then on. It did this 3 times before i turned them off. I did observe the cycle light was one for the even number in the pair. That even number machine (28) was auto cycling during this time.

                    So what am i missing here? Could the wire be bad from the vdb to the six? Im guessing the six box gets the pinsetter on signal from the vdb. As i stated before every component has now been switched to another lane. This pair is buggig me >:[ lol


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                      This is what the lcom tester read out to me. Unfortunately i do not have anymore wiring, so i will have to order some so i can start replacing wires. I might have to make my own jumpers so i can test wires


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                        Does the LCOM run to the bowlers terminal? Ours uses a Cat5 cable. If you have an LCOM...that would be the place to start.
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                          if you still think the problem is scoring related, move the six box to a good pair the camera assy to another good pair and see where the problem showes up a installer that is the way we find that works for us


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                            Originally posted by Steve Stafford (JBEES) View Post
                            Does the LCOM run to the bowlers terminal? Ours uses a Cat5 cable. If you have an LCOM...that would be the place to start.
                            It does run from the camera to the keypad. We are phasing out touchscreens at the bowlers terminal that die with WIRED keypads. This keypad/wire setup was changed less than a year ago. The cable may be a cat5 cable. It is a 18/4 stranded copper wire conductor. Im ordering some cable, for i have run out because of the last keypad install.

                            @gilesbowl, all of the components are on different lanes now, six,tvision,vdb,keypad.


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                              that leaves foul light and l-com from camera to bowler terminal board


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