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Foul line problem


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  • Foul line problem

    Hi all,

    First of all, bit misleeding as the foul lines all work. But....I noticed the other night when wandering around a kid bowled and when over the fowl line on 1st ball and then the lane reset the pins back to 1st ball but showed as 2nd ball. Now most of the electrical equiptment is all new to us and havent got round to seeing all the settings and common fault with it. We have the conquer pro system and have an MCU box on the front desk which the dippy casual workers keep touching. I have checked all the lanes and all of them are doing it. 1st ball and foul means will reset all pins but show 2nd ball ready. trun foul lines to warning and this instantly stops, but need the foul lines on most of the time depending on the customer so anyone with conquer experience let me know whats going on here. Only happend the few days ago and im off for a few days now finally so will check any suggestions when i go back to work.

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    What is happening is normal. The bowler fouls on 1st ball...the pinsetter sweeps everything away and sets a new rack...but the bowler is now getting ready to throw their second ball. This is why the machine is on 2nd ball. The bowler gets a 0 for the first ball and must throw at all ten pins for the second ball.

    If you set to "warning"...the foul light indicates a foul occurred but it does not follow the rule of sweeping the pins away and setting a new rack.

    Hope that helps...
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      What? normal? I have never worked on lanes that have done this before. Suppose it makes sense though. this feature is new to me though. thanks.


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        I think what JBEES is eluding to is with the new(er) machines and chassis (I think XL or XLi and newer) there is a feature for the foul lights that lets you set them to simply 'warn' the bowler, the foul light goes off as normal but does not cause a foul cycle, such as in open play for example, and a 'normal' mode for leagues and tournaments that causes the machine to actually run a foul cycle, from what I remember reading about these things. But with the front counter staff screwing with it all the time it won't help anything. They need to learn to just leave it alone.


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          usually i have the foul lines all set to on but have instructed the girls on desk that they are to change the setting depending on customer. kids parties e.g but only to do this via the options screen whe opening a game, and to set to warning only.
          It must just be the new chasis then. I have worked on GSX brunswicks and on amf 70's in the past and have never seen a lane do this. Makes sense for it to but never seen it.
          Technology these days! lol


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            There have been scorers in the past that do this very thing...but not recently. Astroline IC scorers and AS-80/90's come to mind.
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              I have the Bruns. GSX and mine sweep and give an F and sets full rack on second ball anytime some one fouls. Keep in mind this feature will only work if the foul lights are hooked up to the scorer.
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