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Old Conqueror, can I set ads instead of the pictures and animations?


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  • Old Conqueror, can I set ads instead of the pictures and animations?

    My former boss asked if I could set my own pictures when people strike, spare, split or so on the monitors, instead of the cheesy animations and pictures that come up, instead of only when there are no games being played (which defeats the purpose, without running a 3-monitor setup).

    Jim, Norway

    EDIT: Conqueror 1.76.11-228
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    might help you out.
    When you know what to do, everything is easy.


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      Not too helpful, I'm afraid. I am aware of that link, and that is how you get pictures when the lanes are off. Problem is, when the lanes are off, people aren't watching those monitors either.


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        I haven't seen Conqueror v.1.x in several years, but if you can access these settings in the advertising section of Conqueror, you should be able to. If you don't have these buttons, I believe the answer would be that it's not possible.

        Advertising Setting.jpg

        I really enjoy the Simpsons. My problem is that I am starting to look like Homer. Doh!!!


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          I am not sure, I am 200 miles away, so I have to wait till I get home to my fathers place in one week to see how it is set up.

          But the Conqueror we have is blue and yellow themed, with gray-ish background like that.

          If we want to upgrade to a newer Conqueror, do we need to reset all settings like pinsetter settings, users, prices and so, or can we keep the settings and just upgrade the program itself?


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            Hmm, okay, from what I googled, the price for the newest Conqueror is like 1700$.. That is more than we will get for one year of ads anyways, as it is a small alley.

            So, next question, where can I get hold of a user guide to this old Conqueror, if it even exists? I have to take a peek and see if there is a way to get ads up, it is kind of now or never you see :/


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              ^Use the green question mark in the upper right hand corner of any page in Conqueror...that links to the help file...which is the manual.

              The manual is also located in the computers QDesk folder. It's a pdf, but several hundred pages long.
              I really enjoy the Simpsons. My problem is that I am starting to look like Homer. Doh!!!


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                I am not the center till a week, and that is when we need it, so it will bit too late. If you can upload the pdf here or send it to me somehow (jimtore2k[at]gmail[dot]com).


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