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Miss-score under black light


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  • Miss-score under black light

    BES, 3qt, Fbox. Black camera on white base, under white cover. QAMF dual pit light. Using BLB bulb (purple).

    A single pair of lanes. Scores totally fine under white, misses pins under black light. Camera has good parameters under both white and black light.

    What I did to diagnose:

    Unplugged 3qt. Changed both bulbs. Physically inspected camera. Dusted the lens.

    I do not have a spare camera to test, other than another working lane. Just haven't gotten that far yet.

    Suggestions moving forward? Thank you.

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    I have the same setup but have not had any scoring issues.

    But, something to check on the 3qt camera, if I am not mistaken the aperture is to be set open all the way which means the adjusting screw on top of the camera should be turned all the way counter clockwise. It might be that this isn't so, so under black light conditions when it's darker the more closed aperture is not letting enough light into the camera to score properly.

    How does the image look under black light when you check it under setup.... etc?


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      Image looks a little dark, but then again I didn't compare it to another camera's view yet. I just began digging into it tonight.

      It's weird though, it miss-scores in both spectrums. Gutter balls go thru a long stroke (I have expanders) because it "sees" missing pins that are really still there. It also won't see pins that are actually standing.

      I've never seen both sides of miss-score at the same time. Wtf?


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        ^Check the pinspotter and camera parameters setup. If you see any asterisk (*) next to any values, they are not the default. Compare a good lane with the bad lane and see if they are the same. If not, did you change them specifically for that machine? Select the yellow question mark and then drop it on a value to get the help section for that setting if they are different.

        I have the Q-Vision camera and have never experienced a blacklight/whitelight issue so I am uncertain what your problem is.
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          ^The Q Vision camera seems to be very good at handling varying light conditions.


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            Originally posted by House View Post
            I do not have a spare camera to test, other than another working lane. Just haven't gotten that far yet.

            Suggestions moving forward? Thank you.
            That is your next step. Swap the camera on one pair and the camera control board with another pair. You may just eliminate the issue by doing this...but if you don't, you will then know what is to blame.

            Let us know what you find.
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              Needed to max out the potentiometer. Rechecked parameters, and bowled a couple games. Good as new. Thanks for everyone's help.


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