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bes-x touch screen failures


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  • bes-x touch screen failures

    Just up-graded to BES-X Qubica scoring with the LCD Touchscreens 6 months ago. Had one become unresponsive, Tech had me re-boot, re-initialize, swap & the problem followed the unit, so they sent a new one out under warranty... that was 3 months ago, i just had another failure last week, once again Tech dept sending a new one out... today 3 more are unresponsive... anyone having this problem? something in the software? like somehow the touchscreen driver has become disabled? can't access individual unit, no mouse or key pad... touch screen unresponsive then no way to use it, except by entering info at desk & sending it... or putting names in at another terminal & transferring it... so, again, anyone with this system having this problem? & if so, is there a fix besides just replacing them out? Thank You.

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    I have had 32 lanes of touchscreens for over 3 years and have not lost one yet due to a failure of the touchscreen. I did officially replace two, one to the lane machine cracking it and one to a bowler doing a practice swing for the same reason. I did lose one though where the camera quit working and that was a few weeks ago.
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      Thanks SVLFever, good to know there is someone with these things that are working good.


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        up-date... after swapping around & re-initializing, 2 of the 3, day before yesterday's failures came back... talked to Qubica tech dept, they are not sure what is happening, they are sending me my 3rd warranty replacement for the one that wouldn't come back.


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          We've had them for three years and have had several replaced on warranty. I've also used our spare one and not replaced it since we have to pay for them now.
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            wow Jack_Sparrow... that is the direction we are headed... nobody in Tech as ever told you what the problem is???


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              Never asked. As I recall they either wouldn't boot up or they would act up or freeze during use. Also went through a few CPUs and I believe 2 hubs.

              Make the most of it while you are under warranty. Put whatever spares you have into service to make sure they work.

              In the beginning they had massive networking problems and were trying to blame it on everything under the sun. It took them a couple of years to get it reasonably sorted out. Things are working reasonably smoothly now, knock on wood.
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                Thanks for the tips Jack_Sparrow.


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                  This is a big issue and they do not make them anymore so we are all screwed.


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                    I have had consoles freeze like that but all I ever do is boot that pair. Every pair is on it's own breaker and so far they have all come back for me. They did have a big problem in their software as I remember though and we would get bad IP addresses. They kept telling us something was plugged into the system that was not theirs and interfering. Nothing else was in their system. LOL!!! It was in their software and they got it figured out somehow through Italy. No problems since.


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                      Probably has nothing to do with it but does your system have an Isolated Ground to each unit, power supplies, boards, etc.? Also should have high end Surge Protection on the entire system.
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                        We've got surge/UPS on every 4HD Hub at our house and a ground running from each Hub up front to its Supertouches. I think I exchanged 3 Supertouches in a 2 year period, two for nonresponsive to touch, and one for a bad backlight. The glitch we seem to have most often with them is that we'll open a lane for a customer, they'll go to enter their names and the Supertouch never brings up the choose # of bowlers/enter names screens, it stays grey/black. I'm not sure if it's after they've made a scoring theme choice on the YLYW menu or if they never even get that far, I have only seen the "stuck" grey/black screen. Closing the lane and then re-opening through Conqueror usually fixes it. Also not sure if any particular version of the Supertouch console is prone to this glitch or if it's something to do with our version of Conqueror.


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