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    First, here is our setup. A-2's with Twelve Strike. Twelve Strike has the ball speed add-on. All green alignment lights at the ball detects and on the Bowltronics boxes are lit. Pair of lanes in a cross lane mode. When a ball is thrown on the odd lane, computer will also score on the even lane. (usually a gutterball because the lane has a full rack, waiting for the bowler). Issue is quite random, happening maybe once a game for a team of 4. Reflectors are good, ball detects tight. When this issue happens, it does NOT trigger the pinsetter on the even lane. Looking at the camera history, the odd lane is usually in the middle of a cycle. Since the issue doesn't trigger the even pinsetter, I am leaning towards an issue in the computer? Just wondering if anyone else has seen this problem.

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    I am not sure what system you have, but I do not believe it is in the computer. It could be the triggering if it is the old style, or it most likely the reset relay signal in the electrical box backfeeding through the triggering (especially if they are mechanical relays). I would suggest swapping the reset relays with solid state relays to fix it for good.

    A simple way to rule out the computer would be to swop it with a working lane to see if the problem follows.


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      Thanks for the response. Not sure if there are different software versions with Twelve Strike, as this is the first center that I've work in that has it. I know that we are running Windows Embedded as the operating system.
      There are a lot of cabling issues in the center. Example, reset button wiring/24v to accelerator boxes running over the rabbit ears. Tons of patches. These are gradually being taken care of. Also, about 1/3 of the center (of 42 lanes) has the rake switches operational. The rest are connected to Bowtronics triggering as if they were A machines. Note- I am gradually re-connecting the rake switches (in an effort to eliminate a bunch of "Failed to Trigger" calls, where the rake has been tripped, but pinsetter did not trigger).

      Once again, when the issue would occur, I would get scoring both lanes (when it should just score on the odd lane), pinsetter triggering on the odd lane, but no pinsetter trigger on the even lane.

      As it stands right now on Wednesday afternoon, I have not seen the "Random scoring" issue return. I swapped in one of our spare lane computers on Monday morning. We are running tournaments through the weekends, so I really didn't have a chance to swap from another pair of lanes.

      One other issue that I have run into is that the cooling fan on the video card is not running. I've run into this several times while chasing down a video issue (out to the monitors).

      At the current time in this center, the lane computers are running 24/7. Not sure if they should be shut off at night?


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        Any cable running over the rabbit ears is never good, and should have not been left that way.

        The rake switches are disconnected to allow the scoring time to score before the pin deck gets in the way of the picture. Some time-delays do have an adjustment for the cycle time after the rake down switch is activated, so they would work well.

        The triggering should cycle the pin setter every time, but is obviously not doing so if the rake is down and it is not cycling. Ball speed has been known to cause missing balls or cycling problems and can be bypassed to trouble shoot any problem by disconnecting the cable between the boxes from the evolution unit and removing the black plug from the ball speed unit and plugging it into the Evolution triggering unit where the first cable was removed.

        A lane computer should not be the cause for missed balls, but could have been loose connection if swapping the computer helped the problem.

        That cooling fan on the video card is usually not a problem, but that too is a concern if they are not running at all. Those fans should be available, and they could be replaced if needed.
        Some small centers do turn the lane computers off at night, but most centers do leave them running 24/7.

        Please call Twelve Strike tech support, send me a message or email us at with any concerns or questions.


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