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  • 12 X scoring reviews

    This is for everyone with 12 X scoring. Is it reliable? easy to repair? recommended? 1 to 5 stars, 5 being great.
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    Our system is over 10 yrs old and very reliable and easy to repair I would give it 5 stars .


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      I must be careful here. My last thread about XXII Strike was pulled. (In Mike's defense, I was a bit out of line.)

      In the past I'd have given them a 6 out of 5! Now, ... not so much. I know of one center XXII will NOT tell you about.

      I'll see if I can't get 'Squeaky Wheel' to post first hand accounts of problems STILL unresolved.

      I was given permission to post this link and they welcome your call.

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      We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.


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        Give 4.5 out of 5. Had it 2 years now. Still rough around edges. Kinda like when Qubica was young, no literature, have to wing it/guess to fix things. Everything runs off of RJ45 network & USB cables which i like. Highly customizable as far as backgrounds and idle screens. Luv pedestal touch screens. We still have random lock ups which require rebooting of Computer(s), and retrieving Old scores is not Idiot proof like with Q. When rebooting Q last screen automatically shows up. XIIX, gotta go into the history and find it. Sometimes will, sometimes wont enter Absent/Blind Scores. Sometimes have to enter Blinds/Absent every game. Just glitchy things like that. THings get so glitchy during league, we just end up putting pair in CrossLane and deal with handicaps later.(which some teams are fine with, some go apoplectic) Tech staff has been awesome, answers all calls immediate to best of ability. Ours came with Bowltronics triggers, which 15 years ago i had issues with(became Zot only guy), but so far so good. All in all Great system.


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          We have included features listed as concerns above, and some may be simple configuration changes in the current software being ran at the above center. Any changes or updates the operation manuals can be downloaded at your convenience if you do not have a manual that is up to date. Our software staff is working on getting everyone up to date, and would welcome a call or email letting us know any center that is in need of updates or have any questions or concerns.


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            Originally posted by xiixtech View Post
            Our software staff is working on getting everyone up to date,

            That ... is what I wanted to hear.
            Just be different from 'The Big Guys' and stand behind what you do 100%. (I call it the Stahl factor )

            Back when I was in need of XIIX tech support, the first concern was MY customer no matter the time or cost. I'd never received that kind of support for a scoring system before. In my eyes, you are forever expected to maintain that quality of craftsmanship.

            We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.


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              Back when I had Twelve Strike in Florida, I had Darryls cell phone number if I needed to call him about something. He always answered the phone, weather he was home or out on a job.

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                I had it at one of my centers and have nothing bad to say about it. I haven't kept up on they're current products, but they were always easy to work with.
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                  We installed in July of 2012, full upgrade.
                  If you are considering 12 X, I would get on a plane and check out the system first. The program reboots by itself, the software is not utilized fully or properly. But they do try. Your right Daryl is available around the clock. As are most of the trouble-shooting techs. We do have cell numbers for 4 people.
                  Suziy has told us to be VERY careful here, in complaining. That this site is not to share info to other houses about products, but I do disagree.
                  If anyone would like a full review on the system before purchace please feel free to contact us and we will update you on things as they are updated and fixed.
                  We withheld our final pmt (10%) of the total cost until yesterday, 4-30-12. They kept shutting us down with a 'submit code', much like software companies do when you have a trial on their system, problem is we've paid thousands of dollars already and to be locked out of our tills, over only 10% of the pmt when the system is not fully functional and has errors is not good practice. So against my partners wishes I mailed final pmt.
                  Just in typing this review I have had two computer problems.
                  First I cannot checkout a lane, it's not holding the games bowled. I used a qhost lane to check the customer out.
                  Second another lane has a full tab (food and such) still on the lane carried over from a previous customer and it won't let me clear it.
                  Good luck in your purchases,
                  Kellie Smith
                  Oregon Trail Lanes


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                    Welcome to BT Kellie,

                    I was hoping to hear that you were all fixed up and fully functional by now.
                    Coming up on 1 year!

                    Originally posted by squeakywheel View Post
                    We installed in July of 2012, full upgrade.

                    Suziy has told us to be VERY careful here, in complaining. That this site is not to share info to other houses about products, but I do disagree.
                    I've got to side with you on this one Squeaky. If Suziy has ever been on BT..... that's all we do here!!
                    Yeah, we need to be respectful and what-not, but a spade is NOT a diamond!

                    My first thread on this subject at this center, was killed by Mike and the Mods for good reason. I was quite stern in the way I called out the XIIX techs and the company itself. I was called on as being second hand (incorrect) information. I encouraged Kellie to join BT (great handle Kellie ) and air her problems with her "upgrade" here.

                    I hope everything gets squared away and you get the fully functioning scoring system you've paid for, and years of trouble free operation that we've come to expect from XIIX.

                    Keep us updated please,
                    We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.


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                      Of all the centers with this new system, I am not sure why this one center had all these problems. However, I can say that as a XIIX rep, I have seen and read every post that this center sent to XIIX about their issues. Not once did I ever see any of the XIIX team turn their backs, ignore or otherwise refuse to help resolve their issue. Yes, it may have taken a while but this was an isolated issue with this center only. The techs were always beating their brains almost daily trying to figure out what was going on. Heck, even I chimed in there a couple of times with my 2 cents worth.
                      As a traveling service tech on pinsetting/pinspotting equipment, I too have called many scoring systems to get help when there was trouble only to find myself on a waiting list for a return phone call. But never with XIIX. Always there, always ready to help.
                      I am glad a tech returned to the center and repaired their problems.
                      Kellie, I do wish you the best of luck. As with your current issue about the food tab carry-over, XIIX is more than happy and willing to help resolve this.
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                        12x scoring for the dollar is a great system if i have a problem i call and it gets answered,its a real mechanic friendly system and if anything fails they ship quickly so no waiting around,ron and darrell get the job complaints here!


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                          It has honestly taken me a while to answer this because I have a lot to say.

                          I have worked on 4 different scoring systems. From old to new.

                          Currently at the center I am at now I have the older XIIX system. This is my opinion of this system verses the other 3 I have been on. And this review is for anyone who might be thinking of buying it used based off the reviews of the new one.

                          I give it a 2 out of 5. What a piece of junk.

                          Lets start with the scoring computers. They are up front in the BT. Not a very machanic friendly place to put them. Nothing is worse than to have an issue with a comp and have to walk all the way up front in the middle of league or a tournament, have to pull the BT completely apart to change one out. The computers themselves have very flimsy cases and when changing out parts I have all sorts of random issues with them. Open one up to change out a power supply and all of a sudden I have video cards that quit working, frame grabber and network cards crap out, have to reset cmos and reset all the computer configuration. All I needed to do was change a power supply now I have a days headache trying to get it back up and running. Like I don't have enough on my plate already with machine and the building itself.
                          Sometimes just to get one working. I have to pull motherboard and card screws one at a time as advised by XIIX themselves because "sometimes the cases tweak". How did it tweak? All I did was carefully remove the comp bring it to the pit and open. It honestly scares me sometimes to just open one because I have a ton to do that day and I don't need an all day project to add to my list.

                          The pedistals themselves are cheaply made. We have had to remove the mounted chairs in front of them because we have had costumers pushes them right off the concrete anchors they are mounted to. And now we have to replace the pedistals and a monitor.

                          The keyboards crap out all the time. And at over $200 a piece are very costly to replace.

                          The scoring cameras are just basic CCD TV security cameras, that are prone to failure from vibration. I have never had to replace so many cameras/lens before on any system.

                          I haven't really had to work on the POS system, but from the complaints I hear its not very user friendly. All I know is if you try to run a tournament over 5 games have fun. Because it can only handle 5 games in league mode. So you have to redownload every pair as they get done and reverse the arrows so they can continue game 6 on the correct side. What a hassle as I'm sure you all can imagine.

                          These are just the bigger issues I can think of there are plenty of minor ones as well. If you have seen the new system and like it, go for it. As for buying the original one used. Spend your money on another used system. IMO


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                            Does anyone have the new XIIX system. What do you think? We are thinking of installing it this spring.
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