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  • B Mechanic study guide

    Can anyone point me to a link so I can print out a B mechanic study guide? Thanks in advance

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    Being a great mechanic is all about parts,

    1-their proper name,
    2-their function,
    3-how each part interacts with the next part at each end,
    (here's the biggy)
    4-knowing what happens when that part fails or is about to fail.
    5-knowing how to change that part.

    The best B mechanic (in Pincup's opinion) has #s 1,2,5 and a willingness to learn more.
    Simply watching the machine run, and paying attention to one function, research it in the parts/service manual.
    Knowing what causes the machine to stop, in what part of the cycle, and what parts are involved, comes with being around them (and Bowltech questions )
    Links to the manuals are top of the page.

    I don't know the A2 'mashers' well enough to be more that a pinchaser, I do know, NEVER .... EVER, work on it live.
    Us AMF 8270 guys like to say it's a safer machine, but we never kid ourselves thinking they will not bite us without regard for our years of experience.
    Please stay safe.

    We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.


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