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  • Site Update

    For those who have not seen the notice, we are moving the Bowl-Tech site to a new server.

    For now I am keeping things simple with no changes at the time of the move, you may not even notice the move other than an outage for a few hours this Sunday.

    At our current hosting location there are limitations to modifications or enhancements we can do with the site layout, operation and customization.

    Bowl-Tech will be back on its own server allowing us some room for changes.

    The move will occur starting at about 15:00 GMT this Sunday the 15th and will take several hours and due to propagation of the DNS changes it may result in some people not being able to get to Bowl-Tech for several hours.

    Any questions or discussion please reply to this thread.


    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc..

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    Had things back online after about 5 hours. Things seem to be working OK so far, over the next 48 hours or so there may be some hiccups until the domain changes propagate through the internet.

    Please keep your eyes open for anything that appears broken, or not working as it should or performance issues. I was as thorough as possible, but there is a lot going on here and its easy to miss things.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc..


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      Thanks Mike!


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        I appreciate it DBZodos

        Moving our 23 year old community has been fairly stressful. There have been a few issues that have come up that we have addressed but I am guessing there will be a few more the crop up.

        I do appreciate the feedback I have received from members and the assistance of Alastair and Kanga (James) on some of the behind the scenes troubleshooting.

        For the last few years Bowl-Tech was hosted by the company that writes the software we use (vBulletin), This created a fairly low maintenance environment for me but made site customization a problem. After many months of a search for a good host and hours of practice migrations this past Sunday I moved us back to a self hosted server for several reasons but one of the biggest was to allow for more customization.

        Everybody, please keep the feedback coming, if something does seem right with the site please let me know.

        One thing I need to say, my stress over this is nothing compared to the stress that many of our friends in the industry are enduring at this time, trying to keep their doors safely open and in many cases being closed by government mandate and trying to figure out how to pay the bills.

        Let keep the positive thoughts and prayers going for a quick resolution to this COVID nightmare we have been living.

        Be safe!

        Mike Wilson
        Bowl-Tech Inc..



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