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Bowl-Tech Tech of the Year 2020 Winner!

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  • Bowl-Tech Tech of the Year 2020 Winner!

    Congratulations exMech!!

    Bowl-Tech Tech of the Year 2020 Winner

    exMech joined the community in 2017. A fairly new comer to Bowl-Tech but a veteran in the bowling industry since 1994.

    Known for his detailed posts on many topics, including electrical and electronics troubleshooting. He has the patience of a teacher making him uniquely valuable in a community like ours.
    exMech resides in Nebraska here in the US. His experience includes Brunswick A Pinsetters, ComScore DVS and AMF Century HVO Summit lane machines.

    You can scroll through his posts by CLICKING HERE

    I believe everybody will join me in a thank you to exMech for choosing to be a part of our community, we very much appreciate your kind assistance, patience and dedication when helping other troubleshoot bowling equipment.

    There were 7 others on the ballot we can not forget to mention. exMech collected over a 1/4 of the ballots and a little way behind him was Kanga (James) as the runner up. Everybody including billman, mr.badwrench, mickeygm, Wookie8662, Pin_Head and Motivated all received several votes each.

    We thank each and every one of you for your contributions and support of the Bowl-Tech Community.

    Remember, it takes all of us, not just the members who are listed here. There are so many others who selflessly help others here in our community. Each of you should pat yourselves on the back for your assistance and support to others.

    Many of us have gone through hard times over the last few months, as we move forward and kick COVID to the curb we will continue to have unique challenges ahead. Lets be there for each other and continue the legacy you all have built here. Lets keep it safe, friendly and professional.


    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc..

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    Congrats exMech!
    An award well deserved.
    You got my vote, and one of the few times the candidate I voted for actually won.


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      exMech Awesome! Congrats! Very well deserved.


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        Congrats exMech...glad to see my vote helped make the difference!
        Factory & Converted A-2 (US, Ger, Jap)
        Comscore ECT, Matrix & DuoHD
        Walker B, Sanction Standard, Original K, Flex Walker & Ikon
        Kegel C.A.T.S


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          Congratulations Exmech! Your contributions have been truly valuable to our community!
          let me be myself


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            Very Well Deserved.... Sincerest CONGRATS !!!
            Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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              Congrats exMech well done


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                always doing my best.


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                    Congratulations my good man.... very well deserved
                    AS REQUESTED....The all new and VERY improved "super cool" Pin_Head with super hip shades.....


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                      Congrats You have always posted fine answers


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                        Well this certainly is a surprise and I'm honored that you think enough of my efforts here to recognize me for this honor. Sorry I haven't posted sooner but health issues have kept me away these past several weeks.

                        I thank you all for your support. I was an "A" mechanic for about 23 years before even coming to this site and I joined this site at a time when I needed a new way to fill some time and learn new things. I know how hard it is to juggle family, work and the vast number of other things that consume our days. Being retired now I have the time to put some extra time into this but to all of you that still work and yet find time somehow to continue to contribute here; I salute you.

                        I have learned a lot from both current and past members and I feels good to be able to return some of what I know to the effort.

                        Again, thank you all as we enter a new era and may all of you be here for many years to come.


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                        well done!!!!!


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                          Right on man! Congratulations ?


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                            Congrats ExMech well deserved



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