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    Originally posted by exMech View Post
    Well this certainly is a surprise and I'm honored that you think enough of my efforts here to recognize me for this honor. Sorry I haven't posted sooner but health issues have kept me away these past several weeks.

    I thank you all for your support. I was an "A" mechanic for about 23 years before even coming to this site and I joined this site at a time when I needed a new way to fill some time and learn new things. I know how hard it is to juggle family, work and the vast number of other things that consume our days. Being retired now I have the time to put some extra time into this but to all of you that still work and yet find time somehow to continue to contribute here; I salute you.

    I have learned a lot from both current and past members and I feels good to be able to return some of what I know to the effort.

    Again, thank you all as we enter a new era and may all of you be here for many years to come.
    Congrats brother, well deserved.
    * this space left blank intentionally *


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      Way to go Mark. You have certainly taught me a lot and I thank you.


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        I'm a proud member of


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          exMech 's Award showed up today, just wanted to share (real name blurred) if he wants to share his real name he can

          I will get it shipped out shortly along with a couple of other goodies.

          Mike Wilson
          Bowl-Tech Inc..


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            I've had enough of hope & chains.



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