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Bowl-Tech Tech of the Year 2020 Winner!

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    Originally posted by exMech View Post
    Well this certainly is a surprise and I'm honored that you think enough of my efforts here to recognize me for this honor. Sorry I haven't posted sooner but health issues have kept me away these past several weeks.

    I thank you all for your support. I was an "A" mechanic for about 23 years before even coming to this site and I joined this site at a time when I needed a new way to fill some time and learn new things. I know how hard it is to juggle family, work and the vast number of other things that consume our days. Being retired now I have the time to put some extra time into this but to all of you that still work and yet find time somehow to continue to contribute here; I salute you.

    I have learned a lot from both current and past members and I feels good to be able to return some of what I know to the effort.

    Again, thank you all as we enter a new era and may all of you be here for many years to come.
    Congrats brother, well deserved.
    * this space left blank intentionally *


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      Way to go Mark. You have certainly taught me a lot and I thank you.


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        I'm a proud member of


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          exMech 's Award showed up today, just wanted to share (real name blurred) if he wants to share his real name he can

          I will get it shipped out shortly along with a couple of other goodies.

          Mike Wilson
          Bowl-Tech Inc..


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            I've had enough of hope & chains.


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              Hi guys:

              Well this is the first day I posted in several months and I think since winning this award. I have been having some health issues that have made it very hard to type as well as other issues that seem to go along with it. I have a degenerative neurological disease and it is effecting my hands more and more. I've always taken for granted how precise we can move our fingers on a keyboard without even trying or looking. As you may notice in the picture below, my right hand is causing a lot of issues. I can't even pull the fingers together anymore so that means it's hard to get them to hit the mark on a keyboard. It looks like I'm stuck in the perpetual Spock hand sign.

              I posted twice today and I have to say that was kind of tough even using the hunt and peck method of typing. Hopefully it will get better. So I'm not sure how much I'll be posting in the future. But I still check in almost daily and if you need anything, please feel free to drop me a message. I'll be glad to help if I can.

              Anyhow, I never responded since Mike was kink enough to send me out a couple boxes of goodies and the plaque. I didn't want to look like I was un-appreciative to him for his efforts or to you for your selecting me. Hopefully I'll be able to teach this old dog some new tricks and get back in the running for a repeat this year.

              Thanks again to all of you and stay safe during these trying times.

              Mark aka ExMech



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                Mark, We thank you for all that you do here on Bowl-Tech.

                Your time here and every little bit of experience and knowledge you can pass on, in what ever way you can is appreciated.

                By reading your posts we all know you put your heart, care and respect along with that knowledge you share into each of your posts. We are blessed to have you.

                Thank you so much for the note, and we understand. We appreciate the trust you have shown by sharing your personal challenges with the community.


                Mike Wilson
                Bowl-Tech Inc..


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                  Don't know if you are using Windows or what version but I am pretty sure there is voice recognition available. If it doesn't work on this site you could always do it in Word, then highlight and cut and past into this site. Hope you get better.
                  Everything has to be Somewhere !!



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