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  • Thank You Wookie8662

    Congratulations Wookie8662 for your contributions to Bowl-Tech during the month of February 2021.

    Thank you kind sir!

    Please click here to learn more about Wookie and other members who have been recognized here on Bowl-Tech.

    Each month we recognize those who go the extra mile helping other out here on the site and this month there are some new names on the runners up list.

    We do have some super stars here in our community and many who can always be counted on to jump in and lend a hand. This is the true spirit of the Bowl-Tech community.

    Thanks not only to Wookie, all of those who contribute.

    Don't forget to click the LIKE link at the bottom of posts that are helpful. These likes help members get points towards Bowl-Tech Tech of the Year nominations.
    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc..

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    Well done Wookie!
    Factory & Converted A-2 (US, Ger, Jap)
    Comscore ECT, Matrix & DuoHD
    Walker B, Sanction Standard, Original K, Flex Walker & Ikon
    Kegel C.A.T.S


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      Congrats !!!
      Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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        Congratulations Wookie!
        let me be myself


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          Wookie8662 Congrats!


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            Congrats Now if they would only let you go back to work...........


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              Way to go Wookie


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                Thanks guys!
                Just doing what I can to help each other out.


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                  Actually we are opening for reservations only on Thursday, so its a start.



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                  2. ANY of these bearings with the black support mount...

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                  Table turning on short stroke.

                  Hello dear Bowltech members.
                  First let me say thank you for your time. am plagued by a big issue for three weeks now.
                  our technician is working full time on another...