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  • Thank You mickeygm

    For the Month of October 2021 we will recognize mickeygm for his outstanding contributions to the Bowl-Tech Community.

    Please CLICK HERE to see the official announcement and view the Bowl-Tech Tech Spotlight Home Page.

    Points are awarded by members clicking the LIKE link at the bottom of posts they feel are most helpful or contain technically relevant or sound advice or information.

    Special thanks to exMech , Kanga (James) , Roscoe , mechanic8230 who were the rest of the top 5.

    Thanks to Chief1Each , mfrman , Alastair and Kanga (James) who contributed the most LIKE votes this past month.

    Please support your fellow Techs by recognizing their assistance and contributions by clicking the 'LIKE' link at the bottom of a post that is helpful. This allows us to continue to recognize those who are outstanding contributors to the community and the bowling industry.

    I'm certain there are many who visit our community that also have much experience to share, I encourage you all to jump in and lend a hand where you can, think of it as an opportunity to give back to the community you have learned from. Many of us have seen generations of techs grow through use of our community.

    We will have one more member spotlight in 2021 for the month of November and in December we will be taking nominations for the Tech of the Year vote during the first few day of 2022. Later in 2022 we will celebrate a special date. Bowl-Tech will turn 25 years old.

    Please join me in thanking mickeygm!

    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc..

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    Congrats mickeygm!
    let me be myself


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        Congratulations mickeygm!
        Factory & Converted A-2 (US, Ger, Jap)
        Comscore ECT, Matrix & DuoHD
        Walker B, Sanction Standard, Original K, Flex Walker & Ikon
        Kegel C.A.T.S


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          Congrats & thanks! mickeygm


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            always doing my best.


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              Congratulations!!!! Keep up the good work.


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                  Congratulations Mickeygm. Thanks for your contribution!


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                      Congrats Mickeygm
                      If its still broken, guess it wasnt in the parts budget.



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                        Thank you all for your kind responses. It is a pleasure being part of such a great organization. We have so many incredible contributors with so much experience, dedication, horsepower and willingness to help others. Hats off to all of you.
                        Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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                          Good stuff Mick. Always a big contributor of knowledge and experience to the site.



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