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    Originally posted by Mr. Blister View Post
    The PITA guy we could probably call "Lorne Thorn" or something.

    Ben Stiller movies were popular while when i was in middle school. "Gaylord Focker" LOL! That's another hard one to forget.

    A family of "Fockers" hahaha!
    Robert Deniro, played the father character to perfection to.


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      My favorite DeNiro role is in a movie called "Analyze This" (it had a sequel called 'Analyze That' but I didn't find it as humorous.
      Where's Mrs. Pisses?



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      I got tired of the black consoles braking and they look I made my own....

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      I am still very new to working on a2s first off.

      We started having this issue on tuesday where when the pinsetter goes to spot a new set of pins, a few of them fall...

      Express Model B 40 lanemachine

      Can somebody give an explaniton how pins 2, 3, 6 are supposed to be connected. I had a shortcircuit there for the drive motor connection because of water leakage.

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      82-90 XLi Pin Elevator

      I have several Pin Elevators that I believe to be out of round on my XLi's and was curious if anyone has ever run across this before and is so, what you did about it.