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Brunswick Authority 22 issues


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  • Brunswick Authority 22 issues

    Hello ladies and gents, I’ve got some problems with an Authority 22 lane machine. The ATH 22 wasn’t putting down the correct units of oil in the correct parts of the lane. There was a ton of friction in the middle. Diagnostic tests were done and the Brunswick rep was called and it seemed like a bandaid fix because it went back to hardly any oil in the middle of the lane. So yesterday the head mechanic changed (copy/paste from him)
    Buffer brush new.. duster cloth on point... dispersion roller new...
    Buffer brush wasn’t turning so the oil was scattered and the buff was awful. Since replacing that the shot is super clean - but regardless if we set the outside 8 boards to 0 units of oil.. from 3 board on is soaked. Balls just skid to the 10 pin corner from it.
    (Chris again)
    I’d probably say theres at least 25 units of oil on boards 1-3 even though we set at 10, then 5, then 0 just to see if it was taking anything off. It isn’t. The middle part of the lane is fine now. I can score from multiple angles, using different balls and different angles. That’s the House 1.0 pattern. Tried multiple patterns and the exact same thing occurs, the outside is soaked. There’s just zero dry bank on the gutter, even though we’ve set to 0 units. Any information or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.


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