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Problem with Max lane machine


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  • Problem with Max lane machine

    Hi, I have a Max lane machine, for just over a year. for Some time I have problems with the collection of the residue when the machine conditioning the lanes.
    The problem is that the residue stays in front of the cleaning foam and is not absorbed into the recovery tank.
    That causes that residue to be pushed towards the end of the lane and dumped at the end of the pindeck. Logically this makes the pinsetter very dirty and causes me problems out of range Etc.
    I have reviewed the height adjustments of the rubber and they are perfect. When I put a new foam, the problem disappears for 10-15 days, then it does the same thing again.
    I have tried 2 different Judge cleaners (mix5-1) and now Max 10. Nothing new has happened. I have a some photos so you can watch it and see if you can help me.
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    Check your cleaner pressure it may be high and putting too much cleaner on the lane. Make sure your squeegee blade height adjustment is correct. If it's too hard against the lane the absorbent wiper is going to be pushed down hard on the lane also. When this happens the channels that are cut in the wiper are closed and the cleaner can't flow properly to the squeegee to be sucked up. The wiper will then push cleaner a head of it instead of allowing it to pass through. You can also back off the distance down the lane that the cleaner is sprayed. This is done in the"pattern" section in the GUI. If all these things seem to be ok you can use a very sharp utility blade and CAREFULLY cut the channels in the absorbent wiper a little wider to assist in the flow of cleaner past the wiper. Go easy on this as you don't want to wreck the wiper.


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      Just to add to my last post check the squeegee pitch also and make sure it's correct. It's possible that it could be tipped to the front of the machine and increasing pressure on the absorbent wiper which again will restrict the flow of cleaner through it.


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        Hello, thank you very much for your reply.

        I have revised the height of the squegge system and I have it adjusted to the maximum height using the tool that came with the machine,

        I have even put a little more height looking for the rubber to have less pressure against the lane.
        I have also done what you say to cut the channels that come in the foam to favor a better flow of the residue. I have also tried to make two more cuts on each side of the foam so that the residue has a better chance of being absorbed.
        nothing has worked.

        In relation to the cleaner distance, I also have it at 45 feet, since the total distance of the pattern is 41 feet.

        The pressure of the cleaner injection system is set to a minimum, 19psi. If I set it to 18, the system throws me a low pressure error.

        What surprises me the most is that when I put in a new absrvent wiper, it works perfectly for 2-3 weeks.

        Afterwards, the absorvent wiper material swells a little, and it is as if it loses the ability to let the liquid pass and accumulates it in front of the foam.

        I have also changed the foam rubber gasket that is on the vacuum cleaner motor with the recovery tank and adjusted the pressure with which the tank pushes against that vacuum motor gasket.
        I've been with this problem for a while now and have tried almost everything.

        Any ideas are welcome.
        thanks for your help



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          I think your observation that the wiper swells with time and cuts off the flow of cleaner through the cut outs is correct. I noticed that here too. When we first bought our Envoy the tech who helped us with the unpacking and set up mentioned the cutting of the channels in the absorbent wiper if we suddenly had problems with puddling in front of the wiper. Close attention to squeegee adjustment, cleaner pressure, total distance the cleaner is applied down the lane and careful cutting the channels in the wiper when needed has helped us control it here.


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            Many thanks again for your quickly response. I understand in that moment don´t have any perfect solution.
            Close attention for this adjustment.


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              I hope this doesn't sound cocky but is the foam wiper on the max in the correct direction? If it's on facing the wrong direction this will happen. I've never had this issue with my Max and this is 3 years now. Yeah, the bogus high/low pressure, low oil temp messages are amusing. I ordered the adjustment valve for the stripper part of the machine but I've been waiting 2 weeks so far for it. Hope this helps.


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                The operators manual for the Max says the absorbent wiper can be flipped around and reused when the one side wears. There is no mention of the wiper having to be installed with a certain side pointing to the front of the machine. Was there an update to the manual or a new design of the wiper released?


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                  From manual
                  NOTE: The absorbent wiper has an expected life is 3-5 months per side for a 40 lane
                  bowling center; however, the wear is dependent on use and the condition of the lane surface
                  You are right
                  In reality my absorbent wipers get used on one side only as they swell so much I have to replace them nearly every 3 months, no where near as far as they tell you they'll last. They swell so much they close up the vacuum head too much. I have mounted my wipers small opening forward.
                  I use Hook Zone stripper and Logic oil.


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                    We don't have the max but the a22. And the last set of absorbant wipers I installed swelled 1"+, never in the entire time we've had that machine had they swelled that much. It used to be right side closest to the gutter would maybe double in size but no where near this bad.

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                      Last parts order I placed I threw on another absorbent wiper just so I'd have two in stock and the latest one I received has a slightly different part number. The older one was 14-100556-000 and the new one was 14-100556-091. When I compared the two side by side the position and angle of the cuts in the foam were different. I called Brunswick and asked if there was a revision to the design of the wiper and the tech said "not that he was aware of ". While talking with him I got the impression that the cleaning system on the A22, Envoy and Max was not their best design. They were working on a new cleaning system for the next gen lane machine. We won't be buying another one anytime soon so I guess we'll have to keep a close eye on the condition of the absorbent wiper and modify or change it if the puddling shows up again.


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