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  • Help with. Pattern

    1-5boards is 14 6board is 15 7board is 25 8board is 35. 9board is 52. 10board is 61 11board is 66. 12board is 70. 13board is 75 thru 13board.

    Zone 2
    1-5boards is 13. 6b is 14. 7b is 18 8b. Is 30. 9b is 43. 10b is 56. 11b is 66. 12b is 73. 13b is 73 14b is 74 thru 14

    Zone 3
    1-6boards is 9. 7b is 10. 8b is 16. 9b is 28. 10b is 41. 11b is 53. 12b is 63. 13b is 63 14b is 63. 15b is 65 thru 15

    Zone 4
    1-6boards is 3. 7b is 5. 8b is 7. 9b is 13. 10b is 24. 11b is 34. 12b is 40. 13b is 40 14b is 40. 15b is 45 thru 15

    Zone 5
    1-8boards is 2. 9b is 3. 10b is 4 11b is 8. 12b is 16. 13b is 28. 14b is 31. 15b is 36. Thru 15

    Zone end length is 1/ 7. 2/12. 3/21. 4/3O. 5/40

    Cleaner transition is 42

    I think the pattern needs a buffer zone for the last zone but I'm not the head mechanic so you k ow how that goes but I'm still tring to get it figured out. Thanks steve

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    Did I put this in the right forum. I'm new here and just want to make sure I put this in the right forum. I see that I have 14 views but no replys. All help is appreciated. Thanks


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      What is the problem that you are seeing? Simply giving the pattern doesn't tell us how it is reacting with your bowlers/lanes. The more information you can give in that regard will actually help more that the specific numbers of your pattern. (although that obviously does help too!)

      Depending on what you are seeing, the problem may have nothing to do with the pattern. Give us as much background information to digest as is possible. Thanks,



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        kegels stone street is a great pattern


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