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bumper problems


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  • bumper problems

    We are having an issue getting communication to the bumper motor on an odd lane from the control board. We switched boards with a working one and are still having issues.

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    Your post is a little vague so we will need some more information in order to help you.

    First off, what bumper system are you using.
    Second; how do you control the bumpers? ie through scoring, a separate controller or individually.

    Since you said it was the odd lane, can we assume each control board controls a pair of lanes. If so, then if the even lane is functioning correctly, your issue may not be a communication issue but rather a control issue. And by that I consider communication issues to be between the scoring or other controller to the control board telling it what to do while a control issue would be the control board not sending the power to the motor etc.

    Are there any indicator lights on the control board to tell if the communications is happening and also maybe one that lights up when the bumpers are sent power?

    Some systems use a daisy chain communication so is the lane in question in the middle of the bumper set or at the end. A bad wire going to the end pair would kill communications to just that pair while a broken wire to a middle pair would kill lanes after the affected pair. So if you have communications beyond the lane in question, is less likely to be a wire or communications error.

    Just kind of shooting in the dark here until we know what you have.


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      sorry had the wife type it up for me last night while i was working.
      we have pinball wizard, the bumpers are controlled through vector plus scoring, I can get the lights to change by raising the bumpers manually by hand. they are daisy chained from pair to pair and the following lanes after work fine.


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        It sounds like you have a control issue more than a communications issue. On the control board, swap out the connectors for the left and right lanes, ie plug the left lane motor into the right lane connection and the right lane motor into the left lane motor. You may also have to swap the emergency up switch wires if you are using them. Then try to run it. Note though, that the even lane control will run the odd lane bumper and the odd lane control will run the even lane bumper. If the even lane still operates (but from the odd lane controls) but the odd lane still refuses to operate (from the even lane controls) then you have a motor or motor wiring issue.


        Sorry: after I posted this I think I remember the two motors being wired differently. Before swapping the connectors, check to see if they are wired the same. If not, don't swap the connectors but check your voltages with a meter instead. I apologize for any confusion but I was going by memory and memory sometimes ....; ah hell I forgot what I was going to say.


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          I don't know which version of Pinball Wizard we're talking about here, but if it's v2, then I believe the two motors are indeed wired the same.


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