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    I didn't mean the rivets. I meant the thickness of the metal of the H bracket under the bumper rail making contact with the thick activator arm preventing the auto upright assembly from lying flat.
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      The H bracket was designed to reinforce the bumper where the air cylinder is, so that is as flat as the bumpers are made to be. Is there something unusual about your install that makes the bumpers interfere with your lane machine?

      I have added 1/4 X 1/2 or 1/4 X 3/4 bolts to other supports on some bumpers to raise them so they don't go over center in the down position and make them harder to raise.


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        Originally posted by mr.badwrench View Post
        Is there something unusual about your install...?
        Probably, LOL!

        Anyway, this is what I mean.
        not flat.jpg​​
        hits here.jpg
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          That looks normal to me. When bumpers are down, do the edges of the bumpers keep the angle of the gutter, are they higher so there is a gap, are they lower so the bottom of the bumper on the gutter side goes below the edge of the gutter?


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            So, after thinking about your question, I decided to download and read the Durabowl bumper install manual. The manual calls for the mounting surface to be 2 3/4" from the top of the lane surface....mine is 2 1/2".

            So I guess I lose a quarter inch of play in the height. And the distance between the bumper assy. and the lane is greater than the 1/8" the manual states.

            [Thanks install crew! ]
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              Originally posted by mr.badwrench View Post
              I have added 1/4 X 1/2 or 1/4 X 3/4 bolts to other supports on some bumpers to raise them so they don't go over center in the down position and make them harder to raise.
              I have done this too! It started when I had a rail that was very difficult to raise and I discovered about halfway downlane the angle base was badly bent as if a ball was lofted that far and landed on top of the rail. The depression in the angle base was allowing the nearby bracket to angle downwards when the bumpers were down, basically locking them. I didn't have time to tear apart that section to try to bend things back to normal. The fix works great and I have used the same solution a few times elsewhere.
              Don't let those quick fixes become permanent ones; the job is not done until it is done right.


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                The one nice thing with Durabowl bumpers is they can be repaired (and tweaked) somewhat easily.

                You can eliminate the problem with H-brackets sticking in the support legs by spreading he legs slightly apart when they are installed .A pair of small Channellock pliers works well in in this case. It doesn't take much and does not affect their operation at all.

                The 10 foot common sections can be pieced together from a combination of broken pieces in quarter, half and 3/4 sections. I used to take all of my broken pieces and salvage them into 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 sections and then make full 10 foot sections out of the pieces. You just need to carefully measure where the cuts should be made. Then I made a drill guide from one of the couplers by drilling out two of the threads on either end of the coupler. Mounting a short piece in the other end to use as a stop guide. This way I could predrill the holes on the ends of my salvaged pieces and have them ready to go ahead of time.

                I'm sorry I don't have any picture to illustrate this as my current center has Pinball Wizard bumpers and they're not quite the same. Although I have thought of coming up with a system to repair those as easily.

                If you have the LED strips in clear bumpers..... My advice is to get rid of them.

                Only way I could even come up with a quick fix for a torn strip was to use common staples in a stapler as a splice between the breaks in the copper foil traces. and it didn't always work.

                -- Larry


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