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  • q-bumps

    Hey I have a question. I know it should go into the Scoring topic, but I thought I would start here.

    We are installing q-bumps in a few weeks and we are trying to get the place ready for them.

    One of the things that Quibica is saying is that we need a 5hp 60 gallon air compressor. We only have ten lanes and most of our linage is for league play.

    I am sure that we need the 5hp but can we get by with a smaller tank?

    Thanks for the help.


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    Re: q-bumps

    Pat....I would follow their recommendations.

    The bumpers go up and own with kids and adults bowling together.

    You will need plenty of air.



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      Re: q-bumps


      Pat, we run a 6.5 HP 60 galllon tank for a 32 lane center. PLENTY

      Use your own judgement, just make sure you can store a decent ammount of volume and you'll be fine.

      Do yourself a favor and run a valve for each pair for maintenance purposes.

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        Re: q-bumps

        do yourself a favor, get the 60 gallon. as jerry said the bumpers will go up and down as needed for each individual, so more air is needed. if you are able to interface the bumpers with your scoring. you didn't mention what system you have. but mike is also right. put a valve at each pair so that you can hook up an air hose to the main line so you can blow out your machines. if you can put the compressor outside or in a room other than your shop, i would do so. the noise from the compressor will drive you nuts and it always kicks on when you're on the phone.

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          Re: q-bumps

          Is an extra buffer tank(or more) not a cheap solution. I use an old tank from an old broken compressor as a buffer, works great!

          So it goes.


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            Re: q-bumps

            We have a 3.5 HP compressor with a 25 gallon
            tank running 10 lanes of the 1st generation
            Qubica bumpers, but our scoring does not interface with it.


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