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Oil in gutters


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  • Oil in gutters

    I have a Kustodian ion Lane machine. I have recently replaced the oil tip assembly and hose. Recently I have been noticing about every couple feet in the gutters I am getting drops of oil. I have done a flow check of the nozzle tip into a cup to make sure that it is not dripping when it's not supposed to and it seems to be fine. What could cause the lane machine to drop oil into the gutters during the Run?

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    The cut on the tip of the hose must be clean and sharp, it also must be level with the tip.
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      Change the drip pads for the oil wand. There is a left and a right


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        Yup, drip pads may be saturated with oil to the point where they are not able to do their job. I press a rag onto them before I put the machine away to soak up the day's overspray. You may have some oil accumulated on the frame of the machine as a result of saturated pads. Wipe it all down with a clean rag.

        Also make sure that the oil tip is inserted all the way into the traveler car and adjusted correctly for height and angle. If this is off, oil that is intended for the transfer brush may be slinging where it doesn't belong. There should be a 1/8" gap between the tip and the drip pads.


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          Thank you for the input. Still new to this type of machine. Before this machine everything was a wick set up. Did check pads and they are soaked. Will try to get oil off and order new pads when I can.


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            Buy a piece of dime store felt and glue it on the frame. Then you have more when you need to replace it


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              Check the height of your oil tip, if it is too high it is running off both sides on your 2-2 loads
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