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Phoenix S Oil Pressure


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  • Phoenix S Oil Pressure

    Hey guys,
    Anyone know if the oil pressure affects the oil pattern?
    Seems like it shouldn't but since I just had to adjust the pressure I wonder if the pattern will need to be adjusted as well.

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    Yes; the higher the pressure, the more oil comes out of the tip. Whether it's too much or too little would depend on how much oil you want per board.

    If you run your 400-board volume test, then 400 boards x 40 microliters would give you 16,000 microliters, or 16mL. 50uL per board would then net you 20,000uL, or 20mL. Adjust your pump accordingly after it's been run a while to give it a chance to warm up and settle in.


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      That's a two part question and answer.

      As volume increases, pressure increases as well in which case Mok is correct, however just because pressure increases, this does not mean that volume increases. This can be caused by things such as temperature, your oil pressure will generally be higher in the winter months, however your volume will remain the same.

      Because of this, you will first need to run a program volume check. If the volume dispensed in your graduated cylinder matches your program sheet, then you have nothing to worry about so long as you are in operating parameters. If you volume has changed then this will need to be corrected, but there is possibly and underlying condition.

      Please refer to the attached article step #16 regarding pressure and output volume.

      If you have any further questions feel free to call us in the office. 800-280-2695


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        We're using Defense S as we always have, however, for some reason the last few weeks the pressure has slowly been climbing.
        I originally figured because we're getting colder weather but in years past I never had to adjust the pressure due to temperature change.
        The shot seems to be hooking more since I brought the pressure back down (11-12 down from near 25psi)
        I try to get that volume test in tomorrow.


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          Did you by chance lower the pressure by adjusting the pump, or did you do it by making the pressure regulator tubing shorter? You may be better off giving us a call in the office as there are a lot of paths this could go down starting with what the answer to that first question is. It will be quicker over the phone with the troubleshooting Q and A and then you can post your solution here if you wish. 800-280-2695


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