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Kustodian vacuum pump it fried???


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  • Kustodian vacuum pump it fried???

    The vacuum pump on our Kustodian does not operate when the machine goes down the lane on either strip only cycle or clean and condition cycle.

    The fuse to the pump is good. I'm suspecting the worst here,so help out a not-so-hot electrician if you can.....

    Unplugging this vacuum motor shows a 3-pronged line,the middle line being green with a yellow stripe on it,and the outer two lines being a dull purple/gray color.

    What would be an officially valid continuity check across these leads? I will tell you that I came up with nothing on all combinations I tried on my voltmeter.

    As said,I'm braced for the worst here.
    "You can't burn out if you have never been on fire"

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    Re: Kustodian vacuum pump it fried???

    As an additional,I did check the voltage at the connection where it goes into the pump when it kicks's 120 volts.

    I probably have answered my own question now... <sigh>
    "You can't burn out if you have never been on fire"


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      Re: Kustodian vacuum pump it fried???

      Open the motor up and check the brushes. Maybe you just need to replace them or clean the motor out if its gotten soaked. Brushes are cheap and easy to replace. Well worth checking into before buying a new motor.
      Failed safety course.Question #1:In case of fire what steps do you take? Apparently 'Friggin long ones!" is the wrong answer.


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        Re: Kustodian vacuum pump it fried???

        I'll try that tomorrow...thanks.

        I still have a feeling we'll need a new pump,though. What you don't know is the "history" of the people that run our Kustodian.....meaning,I have had several occasions since the first of the year where I would find the stripper fluid tank DRY. In other words,despite explicit instruction and signage that my four year old granddaughter could figure out... ...they wern't topping off the fluids before running the machine,as instructed.

        Yes,that is stupid beyond belief,of course. But,that's unfortunately what I have to deal with here constantly.
        "You can't burn out if you have never been on fire"


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          Re: Kustodian vacuum pump it fried???

          Are you talkingh about the "cleaner" pump or the vacum motor?

          If it is the cleaner pump I know where you can get one for around $170.

          Vacum pump from Graiger

          Let us know.


          115v vacuum motor for Kustodian parts no. 154-8805
          which motor to use from Grainger?

          Double check this to make sure it fits.



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            Re: Kustodian vacuum pump it fried???

            Originally posted by Tracy123
            Are you talkingh about the "cleaner" pump or the vacum motor?
            Vacuum motor.

            I actually did a quasi-stripping of the lanes last night after closing,utilizing the clean only function. The lanes got cleaned good
            enough for now...not great,but it will do. However,I of course had to deal with the puddle of waste liquid that got pushed down to the pindeck...

            Came back with the oil only function on top of the cleaned lanes. It's passable...buys us a few days if nothing else. Since Monday and Tuesdays are my days off,the new vacuum motor can't be put in until Wednesday,anyway.
            "You can't burn out if you have never been on fire"


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