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ssure Kustodian Walker oil pump problem


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  • ssure Kustodian Walker oil pump problem

    Hi I need some help on my Kustodian Walker. After cleaning the conditioner tank strainer, which was almost completely clogged, I was gonna do oil pump calibration but I'm having difficulty priming the pump. When the oil pump comes on, sometimes the pressure gauge needle is going backward instead of going up. When it does this, I notice that the conditioner is flowing back from the tubing through the pump and into the tank sucking all fluid from the tubings back to the tank. It's telling me that the pump is pumping backward. When it does this, I have to shut down and turn it on again. I keep repeating this until I can see the fluid starting to move from the tank to the metering pump and it starts registering positive pressure on the gauge. I notice too that a lot of air bubles in the fluid from the tank.
    Knowing the above issue with the pump, I tried to run the machine on one lane and when the pump looks like it's running as indicated by the positive pressure (about 35 psi), I press the button and as soon as the machine starts to move forward and the oil head starts moving, the oil pressure goes down to zero and stays there. I can't figure out what's causing this. What makes the metering pump run reverse and where are all the bubbles coming from? I don't see any leak at any tubing connectors. I thought the 3-way valve functions as a check valve where it prevents the fluid that's already in the tubings after the metering pump from flowing back into the tank. At the same time, it controls the direction of where the fluid goes, whether to the oil head tubing and to vent some back to the tank. Do I have a bad 3-way valve? Please share me some ideas. By the way, my Walker is only 2 years old. Thanks.

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    Re: ssure Kustodian Walker oil pump problem

    I do not know if you have solved your problem yet but alot of time when you clean out the tanks it will loosen hair and get caught in that valve if you are careful pull it out don't lose the washer they put under it as a spacer. The spacer keeps you from tightening it down and braking the elbow fittings. There is a metal plunger inside
    that hair can hang and keep it from functioning right. If you need pictures Email me and I will get you some of one disassembled. [email protected]
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