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Sick of tough lanes for too long


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  • Sick of tough lanes for too long

    Ok all I need help,

    I am not sure what I wm missing. We have a crossfire six pad lame machine 60 feet of 13 year old guardian. We have tough lanes. I have what looks like an easy condition. After a game the lanes break down and over hook and are hard to control the ball and scores drop. I was using too strong of cleaning mixture so I backed off to nearly four to one. We use prodegy conditioner.

    The pattern is 39 feet. I noticed that at then end of the pattern where the machine speeds up it sprays five times really fast and the machine cant pick it all up and leaves standing mixture from 39 feet to Forty two feet. I wiped it off and the lanes did not break down but scores still sucked.

    I am fed up and hate not having decent scores. I will post the pattern later but ant ideas and help would be appreciated.

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    What cleaner were you using and what dillution ratio were you at before. 4:1 still makes a pretty strong cleaner mix depending on the cleaner you are using. You may be able to dilute it to a 6:1, 8:1 and Up depending on the cleaner you are using. If requires some testing to see how high you can get the ratio while still getting clean lanes on a test clean.....just a suggestion if you are thinking that you have super strong backends that you are working against.

    Your problem may moreso lay in the lane pattern and you can get some great help here so definantly post your pattern.


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      With the guardian lane finish you may want to put mor of your pattern down in the reverse direction.


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        Check the depression of your lane crosswise. (13 yr old gaurd. sounds old) When I had wood we would sand in the summer (no air cond.) the lane were swelled up and sanded flat. In the winter the humid. would be sucked out in the lanes would depress. Mine was so bad the lino dust. cushion roller did'nt touch the middle foot of the lane.Could'nt clean with just the squeege. Had to get the cushion roller with the wrap. To make a long story short, You may be leaving moisture all the way but not seeing it because of the oil.


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          You might want to consider buffing the shot out start at 42 and try that.Also maybe changing oil at end of season I use offense lv supposed to be best for guardian.We have 18ft of guardian and worn down wood.We use a dba phoenix so I feel ur pain.Two things I would do taper shot longer and make sure its putting enough up front coming back say 22-25ft.Please post pattern, cleaner ratio etc.


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            We used to have Guardian. 22ft, I can imagine what 60ft will do to the pattern.
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              Prodigy cleans really easy and too much cleaner will leave a residue that will make the lanes hook more and give a very inconsistent break point. Also, 39' seems really short for a surface that is as aggressive as Guardian. I always make adjustments in baby steps over a period of weeks so as not to loose bowlers along the way.


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                A2nut had guardian in a center close to me with a pad machine and he had the same problem. Just took a spray bottle and sprayed the first ten feet of the lanes with the bottle after running his machine. He had a GREAT SHOT for guardian. I even shot 300/800 there. lol



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                  The only solution to Guardian is a removal tool!
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