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Kegel SMII Duster questions


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  • Kegel SMII Duster questions

    Long story short. My SMII started running into the pit during a clean only program - I now think it was having a bad day and had a dirty LDS sensor. But in looking for the problem I found the duster was literally only just touching the lane. I had felt the cleaning of the lanes had been poor of late and now I know why. As far as I know no one has reset the duster mid roll and the remaining lanes shown seem to match the roll. I have increased the current (not default) first unwind from 13 to 18 and this now puts the duster on the lane with a little slack in it. (Checked with machine on lane, ready to go). Clearly I will need to check the unwind of the cloth when a new roll is fitted and adjust the default first unwind if needed. However there have been some other odd problems which may be connected and some advice would be appreciated.

    A while back I found that I was consistently getting around 15+ lanes worth of cloth left on the roll when the counter reached zero. I thought perhaps the size of the cloth had been increased and/or I was far more efficient at fitting it. (We use Kegel EZcore). I increased the lane count accordingly.

    The machine has an intermittent fault of not unwinding the cloth on the first lane of a session, ie brings up the message "duster out" after pressing the red start button. Menu out and re-start usually clears the problem. It only ever does this on the first lane of any session and only once in maybe four sessions. I have investigated this problem and the relevant led on the control module lights every time and the wiring seems AOK so I suspect a motor fault.

    Can anyone see a connection between these problems?
    Could the failure to unwind be anything other than a failing motor?
    If I increase the default first unwind time at the next cloth change do I need to make any other adjustments?

    If you've read this far thank you and thanks in advance for any advice
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    As your cushion roller ages it will shrink, this could account for the fact it is not touching the lane, typical default on that machine was around 11. It is more than current machines because when the duster drops off the tailplank with the SM2 it drops on the failsafe switch to make sure it won't travel too far. The fault or error you get on the first lane is caused by the duster up switch not opening quick enough, once you push the start button it has a timer which if the colth has not unwound enough to leave the up switch within that time, it will error out, you may have a sticky switch or check the adjustment on the switch, with the cloth wound tight, loosen the jam nut on the machine screw on the duster arms, back them off till the switch opens, then screw it back till it clicks, go 1/2 more turn and lock them down.
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      Thanks JBING.
      Our default unwind is 9 at the moment. It is also set for an early duster lift so the failsafe is non-operational. I'll take a look at the duster up switch adjustments. If these switches don't open fast enough would it also stop the motor? as when the fault occurs the duster still appears to be up
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        Yes if the switch doesn't open fast enough the fault occurs and the motor will stop. Make sure adjustment is even on both sides.
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