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  • That's not good!

    Got complaints of the shot breaking down quickly. What to do, but calibrate... right? (brand new ION Sport)

    Calibration came out exactly 20ml, but wait.... What's wrong with this picture???

    That is suppose to be Kegel Infinity. Hmmmmmm
    Looks more like.... well, you know

    Ever wonder what might happen if someone put cleaner in your oil tank?????
    Wonder NO MORE!! It turns the oil to HOG SNOT!

    This pic is looking into the conditioner tank AFTER a dump and rinse with lane cleaner. (white slime still on bottom)

    After a few more rinse cycles and a complete drying, the tank was clean again and ready for use.

    A HUGE shoutout/thank you to Kegel Tech support for giving me proper technique for flushing the pump/lines/valve/gauge and not causing any further damage.

    What a waste of 5 hours of my day!!!
    Tanks are now CLEARLY marked.... 'CLEANER ONLY' 'OIL ONLY'

    We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.

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    Unfortunatenly this has happened to me @ almost every bowling center I have worked at. It just seems like it is destined to happen, just a matter of time! It has been said on here before, " You can't fix stupid". If this hasn't happen to you, you are probably in the minority, and lucky.


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      I had the other, my chaser put oil in the cleaner. I did'nt notice until the next afternoon when the plug on the plastic hose had no friction when pulling out. My seniors that morning did'nt bowl bad so the cleaner had broken down the oil. (luckily)


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        Yep I've had cleaner in the oil tank to, i don't think it matters how much ya try and drill it into the staff it will happen. Last time it happened here i threatened to take the price of a new oil pump out of their wages, figers crossed it hasn't happened since.


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          I'm not a genius but would'nt you think the small funnel and the small hole to put it in( small jug of oil) I use a 5 gallan pail for cleaner with the BIG funnel and hole, I would think this should be alot harder to fark up.


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            This is why I am the only one to fill the machines with oil / cleaner


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              I have not had lane cleaner in my oil tank. Hard to do with the summit and the tanks in separate compartments.

              I have however had pin cleaner in the oil tanks! I asked him how the heel he pulled that one off and he said "they are both black jugs"!

              I guess reading them was to hard even though he had to go to a separate room to get the pin cleaner! He did not work there after that.
              Sometimes we have to do stuff to get by....Just go back and do it right when the "by" has passed!!


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                I only have 2 and one could'nt getter done.


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                  Originally posted by 8270king View Post
                  This is why I am the only one to fill the machines with oil / cleaner

                  That might just be MY new policy.

                  We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.


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                    I had approach cleaner put in my old century 100 tank years ago...that was different. Just recently the weekend guy did exactly as per the op in our walker. Saw the lanes when dragging the next morning...thought process quite similar to "thats not good" but slightly more colorful.


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