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Conditioner Suggestions for Guardian


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  • Conditioner Suggestions for Guardian

    Good morning
    We have been having issues with dialing in a decent shot on our lanes. We have wood with 22' Guardian. We are currently using Offense HV with our Phoenix-S and no matter what we do the heads burn out quickly. This current Guardian is only 2 years old. We are thinking of changing conditioners but I wanted to get some feedback. What conditioner would you recommend for Guardian?

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    My recommendation for longevity would be Infinity by Kegel

    It will last much longer than Offense HV

    Offense HV is best for a lower friction surface


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      My center has guardian front ends and wood backends and Infinity
      It only took two years and two new owners to finally be allowed to come in and work on lanes before we open........


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        And be sure you dust the lanes...especially the Guardian often as possible. Guardian is very susceptible to damage from dust on the surface. The damage will effect how well the surface will hold oil over time.
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          Just a suggestion. Run a second program, heavy oil, head only, to the distance of the Guardian (22'), do not let the brush go past the end of the Guardian.

          The combination of oil not liking to stick to Guardian, and the larger footprint of the contact area between the ball and Guardian being greater than wood finish all add up to the heads burning up quickly. Secondly, if the brush goes past the guardian it will dump oil on the wood as soon as the brush passes the Guardian. Wood finish accepts oil better than Guardian; hence 23' could have more oil than 21' (not good) because the brush loads up more on Guardian than on wood.

          Good Luck
          Cliff Adair
          Director - Aftermarket, QubicaAMF Worldwide


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            Defense/S would be the best for durability. However it's a little more difficult to clean. I had one center with Guardian 22' using Offense/LV. (they were using a Phoenix pad machine) I set it up to start cleaning at 10 or 12'. Lanes held up all night and score were stupid high. Depending on your machine, it could be as simple as playing with the "start clean" distance.
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