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Phoenix-s drive motor gearbox lube level


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  • Phoenix-s drive motor gearbox lube level

    How do you check the amount of lube in the drive motor gearbox? What is the level suppose to be?

    I kept popping fuses for the drive motor. After checking all wiring, I took out drive motor and after further inspection, I saw that it was completely covered in gear lube on the inside. I am in the process of cleaning it CAREFULLY. The seal that the shaft from the armature goes through seems fine but just in case, does anybody have a part number for that? Is there anything I should look for or any special instructions I need in this project??

    Much appreciated!!!
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    Do all the drive wheels move freely when the chain is not attached, something could be binding the motor causing it to run harder and draw more amps causing the fuse to blow. Assuming the fuse is the correct amperage.
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      This has happened to me before, It may not be leaking gearbox oil lane oil can work its way into the motor over time, if the waste tank is not emptied it will blow the waste onto the motor and will over time cause the inside of motor to be wet with oil. Clean with a good contact cleaner and blow dry with air and you should be good to go.
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        It was gear lube. Believe me. It was everywhere. It was red. Lane cleaner isn't red. So, if the gear lube was leaking out, how much do I put back in? Is there a part number for that seal?

        I have the motor all cleaned up. It was caked with gear lube. This oiler isn't mine. It came from another center and I was nice enough to fix it. I have no idea what their cleaning procedure is but I know it was filthy. I am sure cleaner getting into the drive motor was another part of the problem. As dirty as this oiler was, I am surprised I didn't find Jimmy Haffa in there.
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          Ok I found an answer for anybody that was curious.....

          The drive motor gearbox takes 75w gear oil.
          It needs 6.784 ounces
          Tip the gearbox on it's side and fill until it starts to leak out of the hole

          That info is from Kegel tech support.
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            Also.....The part number for the seal for gearbox where armature goes through is 154-1809D
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              Good information. Thanks
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