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  • Crossfire

    We are looking for opinions about the Kegel Crossfire.

    This is for a smaller house, wood lanes.

    Anyone who owns or uses one, please chime in. List pros-cons or any tidbits of info about this machine.

    Many Thanks,
    We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.

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    It's a good little machine. Get the wick upgrade. It comes from the factory with a 6 wick configuration. The upgrade brings it to 8 wicks for a little better side to side taper.

    You may want to consider a used Phoenix pad machine. They are solid machines but they're heavy.
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      In the long run wouldn't you be better off finding a used sanction oiling machine. (oiling wood and not always having a perfect surface)


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        I have a Phoenix 8 pad. I like it, cleans well and is consistent at oiling to me. It puts out enough oil unless your lanes need to be resurfaced.
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          Trying to look at new machines only. He's had enough of other folks problems.

          Thanks for the input.
          We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.


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            JMO - there is no way I would shell out that kind of cash for a new machine when an old one will do the job.

            I have a Phoenix S here that is 16 years old - if someone qualified replaces the parts and adjusts the machine to spec - it will run for a long time without issue

            Used Phoenix S - 8K - would last forever with 4 lanes

            Of course a new Crossfire would last forever too

            The good thing about 4 lanes - no wick depletion issue


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              I don't have a lot of long term experience with other machines to compare to, but I have a 4 lane center with a crossfire that has been great. Even without the wick upgrade, I have a good shot and have not had a single issue with the machine itself in the 18 months I have been here.


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                Yeah PinCup, you can often get some awesome deals with a used machine, true new is always good but quite pricey... I'd be looking for something used like a decent Ion or something similar, a good sanction machine....
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                  Originally posted by 8270king View Post
                  JMO - there is no way I would shell out that kind of cash for a new machine when an old one will do the job.
                  It's not my money he's spending.

                  I completely understand his frustration with used machines. He just had a bad experience with a "Rebuilt" lane machine from a well know company.
                  What he wants...
                  -A dependable machine (fill it, run it, clean it, put it away)
                  -A good, repeatable shot
                  -A Crossifre

                  That's why I posted, to see what types of issues those that own one have seen. Their general state of happy with the machine.
                  Thanks for your input,
                  We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.


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                    That is why I like new cars too


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                      well I can tell you PinCup, we have a few centre's here with Crossfire's and they are perfectly happy with them, for a small centre I'd highly recommend it if that's what he is after. We have done the wick upgrade to most of the ones here plus the bigger tank etc and all in all are very happy with them. The only issue we had was with one centre the PLC kept dying so had to be sent away for repair, that was the only Crossfire with a problem though....
                      AS REQUESTED....The all new and VERY improved "super cool" Pin_Head with super hip shades.....


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                        Had one here for about three years and it was a good unit. We got it second hand and had to do a few bits and pieces but all just through previous usage e.g. new squeegee blades, buffer brush etc. Had one vacum motor go but that was due to a casual picking the machine up without emptying the waste tank! Only other thing to go was a relay in the PLC.

                        All in all a good machine that was fairly consistent week in week out and easy to maintain.


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                          I had LOTS of problems with my Phoenix when I bought it, but the tech staff at Kegel spent a couple of hours on the phone with me, free of charge, and together, we fixed it. I learned so much about it from working on it just to get it running. Some may look at it as buying someone elsesjunk, but I have an idea now what is wrong with it IF it acts up, or if someone here has trouble. Again, I really like my Phoenix. My customers complain about the shot, but they do that most everywhere, nomatter how easy it seems to theone programming it.
                          Gene Simmons for president!!!


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                            Thanks for the input, folks - really appreciate it. I've been doing the old manual stripping routine for 2 years and getting by with a Century 100. I had other priorities that had to come first, and the Century does fine for what it was designed to do. I have no complaints about it. But I dang sure have had enough of lane towels and a slop bucket.

                            So the search was on for a GOOD used machine, reconditioned and from a reputable dealer. I've seen a few Phoenix and other lane machines sell at auctions and none of them were anything I'd touch with a 10' pole. The Phoenix has a good reputation as a solid performer, so that's the direction I headed. Talk about a total blunder. UGH The machine that was delivered a week ago Thursday was not ready for resale. The dealer proposed to send parts so I could fix it. I think not - the machine came with warranty. So I called 'em to just come pick it up and we'd let it go at that. I wasn't really angry, but was plenty frustrated because it made a hell of a big mess and wasted my time, plus I was back to dragging towels the next day. Long story short - it was picked up today and my check was returned. They fiddled with the beast for a while, and as it was rolled out, it left a trail of cleaner. Good riddance & hallelujah!

                            I understand some of you probably think it's total overkill to buy a new machine for a dinky little 4-lane operation, but I think my bowlers deserve the same consideration they'd get if I had 40 lanes. And after enduring the rebuilding of totally trashed 30's to great operating condition, I think I deserve something new, as well. So - - - a new Crossfire will be delivered Monday (from a different dealer). I can hardly wait!

                            Thanks again for the input & suggestions. All of it was very helpful.


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                              I think you will like the Crossfire - it will lay out a nice consistent pattern


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