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streaking issue while cleaning lanes with kustodian model c


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  • streaking issue while cleaning lanes with kustodian model c

    Alright, lately ive been getting streaks in about 3 places on the lane ( boards 7-9, 17-20 on the left side, and 7-8 on the right side). at this point i know that the cloth does touch the lane surface evenly, the sprayers all are spraying correctly and cover the whole lane surface, the vaccum motor was replaced about 2 months ago so that is basically brand new, all the tubing is also clear of anything from recovery tank to the squeegee, we just replaced the squeegee blades yesterday, so those are brand new, and i've done anything from put the adjustment from the squeegee back to factory, to trying to play with it to see if anything helps, and so far we cant get rid of the streaks. any ideas on this one, because my head is spinning a bit at this point.

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    The streaks were there before the new blades?


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      yes, the started before the new blades


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        Same on a strip only?


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          Cleaner and ratio?

          What if you double strip

          Have you stopped the machine with the blades down to visually check the deflection of them?


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            strip only is where you can really see how bad it looks. we are using wiz plus from bobs business as a cleaner. i believe the cleaner is 4:1 ratio (we've used the same ratio for a very long time and its been fine.) if you run a lane 2 or 3 times the streaks go away. i've had the squeegee down on the lane and looked at it many times, and it is definatly even across the lane.


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              Back when I was dealing with an HVO Summit, I had streaks of fluid going down the lane surface. Turns out, there was too much deflection on the squeegee blades, and once I shortened the deflection, It immediately went away.
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                I put a straight edge from the brades to the back LDS wheels and get a .120 gap ( 1/8 inch) at the drive wheels.


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                  exactly the measurement i just got. i just remeasured for about the 10th time just to make sure


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                    Is the foam roller hard or out of round ? (wavey) What cloth? Same roll or a new one over time?


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                      we use red edge lane cloth, been using for years and never an issue. it doesnt seem like the foam roller is bad at all, i actually flipped it around, hoping the problem would flip with it to show that its the issue, but it continually stayed in the same places. the roll seems pretty consistent every time.


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                        Try flipping the new squeeges around, (the whole assembly) I have one machine that will not clean right if I flip the blades around. I couldn't figure it out so I marked it and I don't run it one way.


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                          Does it start right away on the first lane of the day or take a couple of lanes to start showing? Also does streak on a fresh roll of cloth? Mine WAS doing this also and Jason Karnuth pointed out to me that the steel support tubes were missing and the cloth would look like elephant skin allowing dirt to pass the cloth and get on the squeegee making it lose good suction at all points making those lines.
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                            Are the streaks the entire length of the lane? Do they gradually disappear or stay there? What oil are you using?
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                              im not at the center today, but im having one of my other guys try flipping the squeegee today. The streaking starts on the first lane you run, all the way to the last one. the cloth was just changed a couple days ago, so its been happening on a used cloth, and brand new. The streaks start heavier in the heads, and wear down the farther you get down the lane, and you can barely tell its doing at at the end of the pattern. we are using connect as oil.


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