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Low spray cleaner pressure on Kegel machine.


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  • Low spray cleaner pressure on Kegel machine.

    Hi, so we have a kegel phoenix I believe, model number 17-4700. I noticed that the machine would clean the outer right and left sides of the lanes well but leave the middle disgusting. It came to a point where the lanes would start going black and I would have to clean the center portion by hand (mop and lane cleaner solution). I stripped the machine, cleaning everything I can, flipped the rubber squeegees, which were a bitch to put back on, and still there was a problem. I finally figured out that the two middle nozzles do not get enough pressure to spray the solution onto the lane while the sides are perfectly fine. I don't have much experience with the techniques to solve this problem. If you guys need more details let me know.

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    1. Check and or replace the tank filter
    2. Check and clean the filters and spray tips
    3. Check for a restrictor inline inside the tubing between the T fitting and the cleaner tank - if there is not a restrictor in there the cleaner will pump the cleaner for the lane back to the tank - you can use a tip off of a super glue bottle if needed


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      Clean clean the screens for the spray nozzle check valves like King said , I do mine several times each year and they have lint on screen each time. The 2 inner and 2 outer are different and spray different patterns.
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        Also check that your cleaning cloth roller is in good shape, I had cleaning issues the last month and changed the roller for cleaning cloth and it was much smaller in diameter and I was not getting the pressure to clean lanes well.
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          When I got my second machine for state tournies it was in BAD shape, It had the same issue and replacing the pump was all I could come up with. (expensive but fixed!)


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            Originally posted by sbrooks View Post
            The 2 inner and 2 outer are different and spray different patterns.
            I suspect someone installed the low volume nozzles on the inside and the high volume nozzles on the outside. There should be manufacturer's numbers on all the nozzles. If you post what the numbers are and which position they are in someone here should be able to help.


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              1103 or 803 on the inside
              1501 on the outside


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                Better to explain how to read the numbers.

                11003 is broken up into 110/03 with 110 being the fan angle and 03 is the orifice size for volume.
                8003 80 degree fan with 03 orifice
                1501 is 15 degree fan with 01 orifice

                When Kegel went to the small tubing to control the flow back to the tank more volume/pressure went to the nozzles which made the 110 degree nozzle almost impossible to keep out of the gutters, the 8003 nozzle was the fix.

                If you need to get more pressure to your nozzles try blocking the return line to the tank for a quick fix or switching to bigger tubing to the intake side of the pump allow more volume to the pump so it doesnt need to work as hard to pull it from the tank.


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                  There are tiny balls inside the check valves inside the spray heads. They can swell with age and become stuck, which prevents propper flow. To test them, swap them with the ones that work.
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