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Using a Flex Walker with two lane patterns on same pair.


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  • Using a Flex Walker with two lane patterns on same pair.

    I have a youth league that this coming week wants to run separate patterns on the left and right lanes.

    So I've been trying to figure out the best way to handle this with our Flex Walker. A manually operated machine isn't a problem because you can easily move the machine between lanes. The Walker has to move itself and the thought of running just one lane..... moving the machine over two lanes, then running one lane again.... and so on. Then switch to the other pattern and go back the other way with the second pattern.


    Would it be more practical to use the scheduler and set it up to run lane 1 with the first pattern (zone 1) then lane 2 with the second pattern (zone 2) and run it a pair at a time??

    Or will the scheduler even allow me to set up single lane zones??
    -- Larry

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    Yeah, we were doing exactly the same thing some years ago. With the Phoenix? No problem. Flex Walker? Not so much. I ended up manually running the patterns on lane pairs rather than individual lanes. Sure would have been nice if we could say "use pattern 16 on lanes 1,4, and 7; pattern 17 on 2, 5, and 8; and pattern 18 on 3 and 6."

    I don't think I've used the scheduler inside of KOSI, but if you're talking about what I think you are, on our 2016 vintage machine, IIRC you can only specifiy up to 3 patterns per am or pm block across the house. I'll have to go look when I go in today.


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      I did this years ago with the regular walker.
      You will need to run all odd lanes first, other wise you will be burning a lane every lane.
      Then come back and run all the even lanes.
      So, its basically one lane at a time, even though you are skipping lanes.


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        I've got a 2015 patriot model Flex Walker. I played around with the scheduler last night and I could not get Zone 1 to accept just the first lane. But I could get it to accept from lanes 1 to 3, Next zone automatically starts at Lane 4. So I set it to go to 6 just to have it end somewhere.

        Theory is if I just run one pair at a time and run each pair as Lanes 3 and 4 it should give me what I want. Won't have time to try anything else since I had a BE gearbox implode last night and my spare is sitting in the shop in a pool of gear oil that leaked out while we were shut down.

        I'll post what I ended up doing tomorrow.

        -- Larry


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          Well I didn't get the chance to try my experiment. Went in early, but by the time I got there my boss had his assistant manager already running the machine and he already had one of the patterns down.

          Wasn't happy about it because they did their usual walking over the top of me to that;s supposed to be my responsibility, and I made sure the AM knew it and why. But it wasn't his fault. He was only doing what he was told to do. So I ended up taking the schedule out since it would have played hell with the poor guy getting the second pattern down.

          I'll try it again here soon when I have some time. But if it works, I can then explain to them how much time they would have saved if they would come to me about what to do first.
          -- Larry


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            Update: Still haven't tested my actual theory, but discovered that when switching patterns between lanes the Flex turns on the burn pair option. I found this out because I have one Tuesday night league which uses a different pattern than all the others and had it programmed into the scheduler.

            -- Larry


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              I stay away from the scheduler (7 day calendar thing) but in theory you could use it to run the dual pattern format. BUT in order to do that you have to set up some 'virtual lanes' with proper travel distances and such in your KOSI/machine. Even bigger BUT, you need to be careful because other users might cause a crash if they are not careful (unless they are password protected).


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                I currently use it for one that particular league we have because I can start it and then go do other things because I have very little time available to get to anything as it is. The league I mentioned in the OP changed patterns every week. It was only the one week they wanted a dual pattern setup and I was looking for a way to get it done without the hassle.

                Besides..... $40 grand plus for a machine that would take twice as long to get a job done than one a lot cheaper isn't me definition of efficiency. But that's me.

                There's only two of us who use the machine now. 36 lane center and I'm the only back end maintenance staff.
                -- Larry


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                  I agree, for the cost they are kind of inflexible at times (no pun intended).


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                    There are two ways to accomplish this.
                    1. Kosi has this feature written into it if you run into this scenario again. It's in your walk setting, custom walking screen. You can choose to skip pairs or individual lanes (see picture). In your case you could run pattern 1 going left to right and pattern 2 going from right to left.

                    2. If you do this often enough, you can "trick" the machine by changing the number of lanes in the center. For instance a 24 lane center could be changed to a 36 lane center. 1-24 would be programmed with normal walking parameters, and 25-36 would be programmed with the proper distances to run every other lane.

                    As far as the burn pair, you can turn the auto burn off in the machine set up menu.

                    Hope this helps!!

                    You can always reach out to Kegel if you run into a scenario you have a question about.


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