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  • Pattern opinions???

    I had a extremely dry oil pattern for most of the season until it started getting cold and bowlers couldn't keep there ball on the lanes. I have added the oil I fell necessary to take care of that, however now I have some sayinig there balls wont make it back to the pocket. In my opionion it still doesnt have that much oil but I would like to see what everyone thinks.

    summit s-series hvo

    standard wicks

    amf hpl's

    reactor ml oil

    formula acc cleaner

    P1F P1R P2F P2R

    BUFF DIST. 43 27 27 19

    LO 8 0 8 0

    LT 18 10 10 0

    LI 36 24 14 15

    RI 36 24 14 15

    RT 18 10 10 0

    RO 8 0 8 0

    trans. rate 30% 40% 50% 60%

    All speeds set to medium, cleaner flow 80% in oil, 100% back lanes.

    All feedback is welcome and appreciated.


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    Does no one have a summit? I must live in the stone


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      Trying to add more oil because of cold effecting flow through the wicks can turn into a goose chase...

      You might see better flow with weather changes then the changes you made are giving bowlers trouble getting to pocket because they got tighter...

      To be homoest if your pattern was working well i would just try to fix the flow issue because of cold and keep the same...



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        ^ agree


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          Dropped you a PM


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            I think I need to be a little more detailed for you to understand my position. through the years of bowling (before i worked at a center) I was told end lanes of a house are dryer because there next to exterior walls and when it gets cold the exterior temp affects the lane temp and therefore there dryer.

            When I started in the bowling business, I used the shots pre programed into the summit. As time went by getting new patterns from local center to try helped my league averages alot. last year my new GM brought in a mech. from his previous center to help me with some machine issues I couldnt figure out, at that time he also gave me a oil pattern that he used before and said it was illegal but if you want happy bowlers put it down and they will love it. So I gave it a try at the beginning of leagues this year, and they did shoot VERY well with it. Once the temp dropped they couldnt keep it on the lanes half way through the night. Thats when i contacted AMF tech support and was educated as to how the cold actually affects the pattern. My machine is kept in the back on a concrete floor next to a exterior wall with no tank heater, he guessed my oil would probably be at 66 degrees and told me i needed it at 72-74 degrees. when i checked it, it was at 61 degrees. theres my problem. so i bought a space heater to fix my problem. he also sent me what he claims to be some very good patterns. I had some of my bowlers try the lightest pattern he gave me and they liked it, however i put it out for leagues last week and alot of them flipped out saying it was too oily. so my question is A: what do you think of the pattern? B: in your opinion is that too much oil? My opinion is it doesnt have half the track and outside oil that most patterns do, and that my bowlers were just so use to a illegal shot that actually having oil on the lanes is too much for them. (most of my league bowlers only bowl at my center) So saying go back to what i had and fix my wicking issue can be done, but that would mean going back to a illegal shot and i was hoping not to do that.




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              The tank heater kit sold by QAMF is a must. The stays heated the whole time the machine is plugged in, so in effect each lane has oil at the same temp and consistancy coming thru the wicks. By using a space heater the machine temp is good at the start but I would bet by the time you get your machine out fill it and begin to run it, the oil is back close to the lower 60's. Its like boiling water, the water begins to cool as soon as you remove the heat. With the heater kit your on boil the whole time. As for end lanes, a burn pair is a must. Do a pair and then start the house similar to what the King has always said. I bowled in a tournament this past weekend and was on 1 & 2. The machine came up from the back (+5 outside), plugged in and ran the house starting on 1. I threw my urethane ball on 1 and something a little more aggressive on 2, nothing close to what the guys on 3 & 4 had for a shot. The bowlers will be happy you spent the extra time it takes to do a pair twice. As far as how wet or dry your pattern is, standard wicks doesn't describe best what we need to judge. Are they high flow, low flow, etc.? How is your cleaner mixed for ratio? To be honest, I never found any way I could use the standard patterns that came with the machine. It seemed to complicated to change transfer rates, and distances, and speeds. Check out my pattern I sent you, I use constant speeds, and transfer rates, so all that has to be tweeked is distance. I did find that by stripping all my lanes and then going back thru and oiling was a better way to go. I had too much cleaner dripping and getting picked up by the tranfer brush and clogging the wicks.


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                They are all low flow natural colored wicks, and my mix ratio is 5 to 1.



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