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need help with wet/dry


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  • need help with wet/dry

    King, this started as a brush to brush pattern but I tried it anyway,It's better than what I had. But with a tranfer roller the outsides are really dry, If I speed up the mach. then the middle is too far and the break point is wrong. How can I get allitle more outside without changing the middle? thanks!


    40 mic.

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    I'm definitely not the king but I would remove a 13-13 forward and add an 8-8 forward. This will assist with the over/under without changing anything in the middle.



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      40 mic
      2-2 2 14
      7-7 1 14
      8-8 2 14
      10-10 3 18
      11-11 3 18
      12-12 2 18
      2-2 0 22 buff 28-40

      2-2 0 30 40-30
      12-12 1 22
      11-11 2 18
      10-10 2 18
      9-9 2 18
      8-8 1 18
      2-2 0 14 10-0

      1. When you run the 1st two screens slow in the forward run you are dumping all the track oil at the foul line and first few feet
      2. When you speed up the buff screens you are getting the oil down the lane and making the over under


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        King, one night in 1 300 and 1 299 It had good hook in and out. (we had 38 degrees and damp out) so I'll need to see it over a couple weeks. This only has 6-7 ml on the return, I see you are trying to go with mostly forward oil. What is the reasoning? New oils/tranfer roller/smooth surfaces? are the new balls made to blend the wet dry better? (seeing it's 90% of what we're bowling on)


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          If you oil both directions over 30' you get over under....the idea is to get the ball to skid to the pocket without making the ball ov


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            2 scores that quick...the right direction


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              King, correction on what I said the other day.The 12-12-2 forward I made 13-13-2 because the pattern was close to something I ran a couple months ago when the inside guys got pushed over to the straight guys causing burn up. Thurs. was one of the first times that the curvers could play in and the staight guys could play the normal track. I totally agree with some of the comments about the fact that you don't need a ton of oil to have great score. Spread people out and you will get longevity!


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                  I think I am pretty good at my job BUT I'd really love to understand lanes better, what is meant by "over/under" Jerry could you please explain to me?

                  Cheers mate....
                  AS REQUESTED....The all new and VERY improved "super cool" Pin_Head with super hip shades.....


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                    When the lanes are slippery in the middle and the ball will hang, then you move alittle right (dry outside) and the ball will hook through the face. You go 2,4,5,8,bucket to the 3,6,10 and you moved a board or two. The newer balls seem to accent this reaction.


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                      ^Not if they are drilled correctly


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                        King, running the above program for over a week, now we are seeing dry outside and dry up after 2nd game. Seems all over.


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                          Read my PM....


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                            King, monthly update, still running the pattern with the 13-13's instead of the 12-12. Just as before hit and miss but I left it alone.I did put in some old amflites two weeks ago and it made a huge difference. One month, 8-800's , 11-300's , 9-299's , 1-298 ,and 1-297. This did include a one day city tourn. and our city kids traveling league.


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                              That looks like a good scoring pace....I hope all are happy!


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