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Trying to build an easy tournament shot that will hold up


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  • Trying to build an easy tournament shot that will hold up

    I need to build a tournament shot that can hold up and have around 30 games bowled on it with out completely breaking down. I have a pheonix 3speed, 8pad machine. We use defense cx4s using 5 caps to 5 gallons water for cleaner and kegel crossfire for conditioner. Also this is on older anvilane. Thanks for any help
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    You will need to strip and your regular program...then run an oil only program for about 25'....oil on in the middle on for 15 feet and buff 10 on the oil only pass...and buff back 10 feet then oil in return for 15...refill with oil after the strip and oil.....then let the machine wick up for about 30 minutes before doing the oil only pass


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