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Brush Pattern - Holoto Street :)


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  • Brush Pattern - Holoto Street :)

    I took Bill Holoto's pattern and tried it during the day a couple times - tweaked it until I liked it

    Here is my version:

    60mic stream
    RBD 32'
    Volume 18.48
    2-2 2 14
    8-8 1 14
    10-10 3 14
    11-11 2 18
    12-12 3 18
    2-2 0 22 22-39'

    2-2 0 30 39-23
    13-13 1 22
    11-11 1 18
    9-9 1 18
    2-2 0 18 14-0

    This pattern has plenty of friction and the ball goes left out of the pattern just like Bill said it would. I had over/under with 4 10-10 loads in the forward...and needed some durability so I bumped up the return volume and width

    There have been huge scores from the average bowler - no hang spot either - the track does open up but you can move in and get skid, hook to the right, and carry

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    Suprised you have not played with slot 30 yet Jerry.

    Marty - Pro Bowl West
    56 Jap A-2's Qubica VDB's
    2 Kustodian Walkers


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      I have had a lot of success with my normal patterns - does Kosi pro have a slot to work out volume when you play with different mic streams for each screen?

      I also do not really wish to wear out the stepper on the oil pump when I can make them nice with oil in the middle.......

      The reason for most of my tweaks was the brush breaking in ...etc

      I have considered starting a thread on all the changes I have seen in the machine over the first 100 days

      What is your pattern looking like?


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        I played with slot 30 for a while but got away from it, was making me "think" too much. Kosi does
        not allow/show the changes in volume, must be done on the machine.
        I had a really good pattern at the start of the year then the state tournament people came in and wanted the cleaner ratio at 5 to 1 for the state tournament. I was at 7 to 1. A few week before it stated, I changed the house pattern to the 5 to 1 cleaner ratio and we lost the look we had. About 6 changed later, adding here, subtracting there and back and forth, I ended up close to where I started and the scores came back. The last month in here has been crazy scoring (my friday night men had 2 - 300's all season then we had 10 - 300's in a 3 week period with a high of 866) My other leagues are the same thing, scores going nuts and people compairing us to the other high scoring center in town.

        One warning with the walker - DO NOT bump the sides of the machine against a wall - one of mine got "bumped" last week and has about $200 in damage to the LH ZRT assembly but luckly Kegel was able to bypass the sensor for me so I can still use it this weekend.

        I have ordered the M32 upgrade for both machine, it allows you to bypass sensors thru the keypad istead of having to "jump" around them with wires.

        Marty - Pro Bowl West
        56 Jap A-2's Qubica VDB's
        2 Kustodian Walkers


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          Thanks for the info!


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