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Help make up my mind!!!!!!


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  • Help make up my mind!!!!!!

    We have been using the Kegel "Prodigy" for some time.......with just ok results. The scores were decent but the "break-down" was just too severe. We switched to the "Infinity" and the pattern seemed to hold up better and the scores started going out the roof. The big trade off though has been an increase.....actually double.......our calls. I just ordered 10gal of "Navigate" and plan to try it through December. Good Choice????????

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    Navigate is more durable than Prodigy - and a great choice

    You could have had an increase in calls with Infinity if you left your Prodigy pattern alone when switching out

    You could have used less volume with Infinity (maybe you did)

    Report back on your progress - thanks!


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      Thanks "King".........Your hunch was correct. We did NOT adjust the pattern for the "Infinity". "Downhill taper was so good that I didn't the time....there would be such a drastic effect.......Whooooops.....MY BAD. The "Infinity" was getting on EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! Thanks for the "Navigate" recommendation. Hope it fixes things.


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        Please post your pattern currently used please.

        Pump setting and distance too.


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          Pump volume at 50........Reverse Brush Drop at 26ft.........Total Pattern Volume is 24.9ml. Here are the loads and speeds. 2L 2R is 2 loads @ 14....... 7L 7R is 2 loads @ 14........ 9L 9R is 4 loads @ 18......10L 10R is 3 loads @ 22........12L 12R is 3 loads @ 26........and 2L 2R is 0 loads @ 26. Reverse is.........2L 2R is 0 loads @ 30.............12L 12R is 4 loads @ 18.............9L 9R is 3 loads @ 18..... 7L 7R is 1 load @ 10.......and 2L 2R is 0 loads @ 10. Pattern distance is 43ft.
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            2-2 2 18
            7-7 2 18
            9-9 2 18
            10-10 3 18
            12-12 1 18
            2-2 0 22 buff 22-43'

            2-2 0 26 43-34'
            13-13 2 22
            11-11 4 18
            9-9 2 18
            7-7 1 14
            2-2 0 10

            Total volume 21.65
            Reverse buffer drop 37' - if no RBD just ignore this and go with reverse applied oil at 34'
            Oil in reverse at 34'

            I am concerned about some of speed changes

            With most of you oil applied in the forward I can see how much of the oil winds up in the machines

            Before you switched out Infinity - try my pattern and see if it helps - put the pattern in one of the unused slots

            I can assure you I have better taper in my pattern

            If you lack hold you can take my pattern out to 44' or even 45'

            Let me me know how my pattern plays


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              Thanks..........I'll play with it.


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