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Silver Bullet Magnum Oil Patterns


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  • Silver Bullet Magnum Oil Patterns

    I have an 8 lane bowling center, and am looking to provide our bowlers with several different oil patterns. I have some concern with the pattern we are using now.

    * We have wood lanes
    * Using Brunswick Control Oil
    * Using Jay Clean Cleaner Mixed (1 cup cleaner, 3 cups water)
    * Oil Tank Configuration 7,3,10,10,3,7

    P1F - LO(0.0), LT(0.0), LC(32.0), RC(32.0), RT(0.0), RO(0.0)
    P1R - LO(5.0), LT(13.0), LC(28.0), RC(28.0), RT(13.0), RO(5.0)
    P2F - LO(7.0), LT(11.0), LC(35.0), RC(35.0), RT(11.0), RO(7.0)
    P2R - LO(0.0), LT(8.0), LC(30.0), RC(30.0), RT(8.0), RO(0.0)

    P1F - 44.0
    P1R - 44.0
    P2F - 40.0
    P2R - 40.0

    TRANFER RATE: 100%


    Comments: I was just wondering what you think of this pattern? We have had decent scores, but have had concerns with the lanes drying out, sharp back end, very hard to pick up a 10-pin. As the owner of the bowling center, I have bowled "thumb-less" for many years.... so any pattern will not be oily enough for me....Haha... I can usually throw my ball for a half a game and then switching to a plastic ball to get me through the evening.... Not too much fun....I recently bowled at a big city bowling alley and had no problem keeping my ball on the lane throughout 6 or 7 games. Obviously I know wood lanes are way different than synthetic, but just wanted some input on changes we could make?

    Also would be very interested in your opinion on several different oil patterns that we could try.......meaning give our bowlers a few different patterns to try?

    Every year we travel to the Greater Ozark Open Bowling Tournament and was wondering if you could come up with a pattern that we could use to practice on for that tournament.

    I know I'm asking for a lot, but your assistance has been brought to my attention from other great proprietors.

    Like I said, I am hoping you can look at our pattern, come up with some ideas/changes/thoughts, provide me with some new alternative answers / patterns.

    Thanks again for listening and look forward to your help.

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    I'm not familiar with that cleaner but 3 to 1 ratio for most cleaners is way too strong, could be the cause of the breakdown. If cleaner is mixed too strong it will leave a residue and the oil won't bond to the lane. My next question is how much oil do you use after 8 lanes (how many ounces/ml to refill tanks)? Your buff distances are quite long and your center tanks are on a lot to have the lanes totally burn up, seems like you have quite a bit in the middle with those settings. What type of wicks are you using? My next question then is do the lanes start out so tight that it forces everyone in the track? If high rev players have to play too far right the track will burn up very quickly, need enough hook at the end of the pattern to let players spread out a bit. If straight players, tweeners and crankers all have to play the same part of the lane to start the pattern will Not hold up very long. First I would try mixing some cleaner at a weaker ratio ( 4 or 5 to 1) and do a test strip, you want the cleaner ONLY strong enough to get the lane clean. For a "tournament" type pattern the usbc blue is a good real bowling condition, not real hard but not easy. The only thing is the machine settings given online did not put enough volume out when I tested and taped at my center, I had to use slower speeds and much higher transfer rates to get the correct volume out. If you are interested in more I have quite a few patterns from previous tourny's I can give you. I hope that helps, keep us posted


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      Control is high viscosity - and not the best for wick oiling systems

      Control is 35 viscosity

      Try Control LV which is 28 viscosity

      You will get more oil on the lane without even trying - more oil will go through the wicks


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        Would love to have those patterns. Thank you for the reply. If anyone else has any ideas or changes or thoughts, feel free to send me some. Thanks again.


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          King is right, I didn't realize control was that heavy so it most likely won't wick well without some sort of tank heater. I can get a few patterns from work tomorrow for you to try but you will need to use oil that will flow properly for them to play correctly. I'll post them tomorrow evening but definitely switch oil


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            I would love to try those new patterns.... Willing to try anything thank you.


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              Shoot! I forgot about posting those for you... sorry about that. I will get them from work and post a few patterns tonight or tomorrow morning for you to try. I hope you switched to a lower viscosity oil though or they will NOT play correctly.


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                Looking forward to receiving those other patterns we could try. Another question..... What affect does the speed of the machine have?


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                  Slower the machine travels the more volume it will put out. I again forgot to bring the pattern sheets home with me... I'll write it on my forehead so I don't forget tomorrow


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                    Well i tried the pattern that you sent to me. Good results. Definitely a
                    a change. I asked out bowlers what they thought. They said the pattern was different, good, but after watching them bowl with my own eyes.... It looked to me like they dried out by the second game. Thoughts on changes to avoid that? Saw many bowlers changing balls. I bowl tomorrow night and we are again going to use this new pattern. Just didn't know if there were any "tweaks" I needed to make to make up for the lanes drying out a bit. Thoughts on this would be welcomed


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                      First thing, have you switched to a lower viscosity oil yet? If you haven't it is most likely why they are burning up too fast, but I finally brought home the other patterns from work so I will look at the house shot I sent you and make a tweak to it and I will give you the others in a pm


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                        Thank you very much for the help.


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                          No problem thats what we do at BT


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