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  • Terrain Lane Conditioner

    Is anyone using Kegel Terrain and what kind of results are you having?
    I have 13 year old HPL and have been using Ice with OK results.
    I am getting a Flex in two weeks and with the start of the season now would be the time to switch if I'm going to change.
    Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Give the guys at Kegel a call. They can help you with pattern adjustments.
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      I know with a Phoenix S it leaves a major crisis cross on the lanes. Have to call find out what to do.


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        Well I have decided to give it a try. I have talked to a couple of people that have the same surface as we do and are very happy with the results.


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          I heard the same supposed to be great. My problem is like I said the cris cross noticeable and my pump was 14-15 with other oils and terrain makes it go to 25 not good. Trying to figure both problems out. I have a Phoenix S if anyone has an idea and would like to help I open to suggestion. Thanks


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            You are seeing a criss-cross pattern on the lane? Is the oil tip inserted all the way into the traveler car and is the gap and angle between the oil tip and the transfer brush set correctly?


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              yes all is adjusted good . I was told by my distributor that this would happen with this oil and having a phoenix s/brush. So i'm in talks with Doug Dukes now at Kegel working on pattern to minimize the cris cross.


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                We have been running it in our flex for around 3 weeks. So far out of range and respot calls have been cut down alot from fire and ice we were previously using. It doesn't seem to carry down like other oils we have used in the past. I did have to take around 7 inches off of the pressure regulator hoses on our flex to keep the pressure around 40 psi otherwise it was close to maxing out the gauge. This is on a year old SPL surface. I believe we have had 5 or 6 honor scores shot after the switch. We are 40 lanes full every night in the winter with leagues a few nights have full double shifts, so we will see how long the pattern will hold up.
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                  I have 19 yr old hpl I have been using terrain 4 about 2 weeks now not having any problums I also am using a new flex the only thing you have to be careful about is the oil pressure I was told not to let go above 40 psi


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                    All you using terrain on hpls could you post your pattern give an idea what to do. Thanks


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                      I have 20yr old hpl I have just started using terrain on my lanes have had no issues at all with 2 300s in 3 weeks bowlers love it. I am using 1 off the new oil patterns kegel put out for terrain . terrain did not work with my old house shoot ,terrain did take away all the room for error which was about 5 boards so I swapped are not going back.terrain is not carrying down so the backends are staying clean all day .would recommend terrain to everyone with hpl


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                        I am using Terrain with a slightly modified version of the Helium pattern with 20+ year old HPL lanes. Calls are way down compared to curve and current. Using Def-C mix to 5:1. Anyone willing to post a pattern I would love to test and compare.


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